PREVIEW! Rebellion Festival 2017!

July 26, 2017

There seems to be a bit of a punk rock revival going on at the moment with the influx of bands representing the genre across a wide variety of festivals and line-ups. If you took a moment to look at the most recent Camden Rocks Festival, you would have seen many bands flying the flag high for punk rock across many of the stages over the course of the day.  


Another festival that has stayed very true to its roots of supporting the genre is Rebellion Festival which returns once more to its home of Blackpool as it looks ahead to is summer sizzling takeover of The Winter Gardens. If you are a fan of all things punk, Rebellion Festival once again has done you proud as the line-up is quite frankly, ridiculous. 


The festival itself shall take place the 3rd-6th of August 2017 where you will be spoilt rotten with a choice of over 250 bands across the festivals 6 stages. Yep, you heard us right. 250 bands. 6 stages. Never has the statement “go hard or go home” been so true. Of course, if that wasn’t enough for you, those with cash burning a hole in their pocket will be able to satisfy their urges in-between their favourite bands with opportunities to purchase goods at one of the many stalls found across the festival campus.  


As usual, the biggest problem with festivals like this is figuring out just who to watch and when. It’s a good problem to have but a difficult one to solve. Here is our very own top 5 of who you should not miss during the weekend (in no particular order! 


5. Slaves 

Slaves have been everywhere at the moment. I don’t recall many festival line-ups this summer without them being somewhere on the bill. Trust us when we say there is a very good reason for that. This band seem to have popped up from nowhere, worked their ass of and made a bunch of people everywhere fall in love with their noisy punk rock racket that will have you taking a walk on the wild side.  Armed with just a guitar and half a drum set (there isn’t even a high hat because you know what? F*** the high hat!) Slaves will tear you a new one. You’ll be chanting and singing along the whole time, but they will and one of the biggest noises you’ll hear all weekend will be the crowd when they hit the opening notes of ‘The Hunter’.


4. Bad Religion 

Let’s face it, what would be a punk rock weekend without the pioneers of the genre itself. Bad Religion. Legends in their own right are keeping busy this year with a string of shows across Europe & the UK which sees the band venture to Rebellion Festival. We at couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for this line-up. Expect nothing short of a star-studded set list. Expect 21st century sing-a-longs as the old-school fans revisit their youth while everyone else is educated in the power of the punk. Do not miss this!!


3. Pennywise 

Speaking of old school, Pennywise are the perfect counterpart to Bad Religion. The pair are responsible for some of the biggest hits in punk rock history and sit at the top amongst some of the biggest genre defining names. It’s a long list filled with greats. NOFX, Anti-Flag, Lagwagon, Good Riddance all brought their own special something to the table as Pennywise helped lead the way. ‘Fuck Authority’, ‘Bro Hymn’, ‘Revolution’ another endless list is the number of huge tunes in the bands back catalogue and what better place than Rebellion Festival to bring out the big guns. 


2. Leftover Crack 

Leftover Crack aren’t as longstanding as the previously mentioned giants in this list but make no mistake, the music the band is bringing to Blackpool is just as important. Having a super fine mashup of crusty punk, hardcore and ska with a sense of humour to boot the band have done one heck of a job gaining a die-hard set of followers since their 2001 ‘Mediocre Generica’ record, one that’s widely hailed as the bands best, one that many bands frequently revisit time and time again.  


1. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 

Heavier than Franks Pure Love band but with less of the chaos of Gallows, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are currently taking the UK by storm having played on many of the UKs major festivals this summer treating everyone to the Punk/Rock & Roll anthem-esque music that the band are becoming widely remembered for.  They’re not quite the same band as they were back in 2015 with the remarkably chaotic debut single ‘juggernaut’ which led everyone to believe that Frank & Co were going down a slightly heavier route however fast forward a few years and the band have found their feet as the latest record ‘Modern Ruin’. With music to move to and a live performance that will drive you wild, be sure to catch Frank at Rebellion Festival. You’d be silly to miss them.  

 Picking 5 bands out of a whopping 250+ is no easy feat when you have a line-up like this. Check out the rest of the bands playing and be sure to plan your day carefully!  


Tickets for Rebellion Festival can still be purchased right HERE! Go! Go buy one! 




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