LIVE REVIEW! Flogging Molly - Kentish Town Forum, London

July 10, 2017

Throughout their years as a band, Flogging Molly have been no stranger to the Punk Rock scene bringing their Celtic/Folk flavour to the genre and throwing some of the biggest parties around the world which come in the form of their live show. It’s no surprise that the band are as big as ever right now and hot off the release of their latest offering ‘Life Is Good’ The band made their way to London to fill up the Kentish Town Forum and throw one heck of a Friday night rager.   


As always, there’s an array of support bands that all bring their own special something to the Forum on this night and it all begins with The Attack who are definitely bringing an old-school vibe to the stage sounding they’ve come straight from the 80s crusty punk movement. Head noddingly good with tracks such as ’The Betting Man’, The Attack show that there is still plenty of room for the bands wanting to elicit the “woah woah woah’s” from the crowd that has almost become the benchmark for any Punk Rock show. The band proves on this night that hard work pays off by turning around a seemingly early and shy crowd to getting the party started and by the time they are done, the party is well and truly started indeed!  


The surprise of the night however comes from the London Town local lads Buster Shuffle who take the stage, make it their own whilst winning over the crowd in a heartbeat with their wonderful mashup of ska infused punk made even better by the highly charismatic frontman Jet Baker who not only sings his stories to the magnificent beat of the music the band produces but also takes it upon himself to play the piano at times with his feet! We are expecting great things very soon from the self-proclaimed best dressed band since 2007. Watch this space, Buster Shuffle are taking over a town near you soon!  


As good as the opening bands are though, it’s clear the party really begins with Flogging Molly who are like a switch that turns the crowd into a bunch of eager Flogging Molly fans waiting patiently for their favourite band to arrive to an absolute frenzy of bodies moving, beer flying through the air and plenty of crowd surfers. Friday night in London never looked so good as the band open with ‘The Hand Of John L. Sullivan’ further proving that Flogging Molly and their new material are as popular as ever.  


It’s safe to say that the party isn’t just in the crowd. A very full stage of all seven members look as if they’re having a blast clearly feeding off the crowd’s energy. Of course, it doesn’t take long for everyone to go an extra special level of crazy as the band burst into ‘Drunken Lullabies’ early in the set eliciting a huge sing along the whole way through. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, smiles all around, those singing without a care in the world. This is the essence of live music and something everyone should experience at least once in their life. If there is one thing that can rid you of a shitty depressing week spent in a stuffy office, its Flogging Molly live on this night. It’s been a while since the band played a venue in London and what a welcomed return it is.  


With a huge set list to wet the appetite of even the most casual fan, what could make the night even better you ask? Well that would be a special guest appearance by the one and only Frank Turner joining the band for ‘If I Ever Leave This World Alive’ – a fantastic appearance and one much to the delight of those in attendance.  


The encore is bitter sweet for everyone in the room because the end is here and what an experience it’s been. Tired arms, legs and possible strained voices from singing with the band so much, everyone is given one final chance to show what they’re made of and it just so happens that ‘Salty Dog’ is the track to end it all on this night. The room erupts as if it was the beginning of the set all over again.  


Flogging Molly, all these years later know just how to throw the world’s greatest party. You’ll be singing and swigging a beer before the end of the show. A couple of swigs later, you’ll be crowd surfing to the front. You’ll leave the venue in a merry ol’ state talking amongst your friends and loved ones about how good Flogging Molly are live and you know what? You’re not wrong. You’re not wrong at all!. 







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