REVIEW! Decapitated - Anticult

July 4, 2017

For a good old while now Death Metal has felt stagnant and over populated with generic cookie cutter bands churning out the same idea repeatedly. Like a beacon in a deep dark sea of oversaturated drivel however there’s a bunch of individuals that have taken this art form and made something of a name for themselves.


Hailing from Poland are Death Metal Pioneers Decapitated.


Taking the characteristics of what defines Death Metal but incorporating grooves and mind melting technicality, Decapitated have always been a band that have stretched the parameters of music and creativity which makes them one of the most consistent bands to ever do it.  2014’s ‘Blood Mantra’ was a masterclass in heavy music which really gave the metal scene the shot in the arm it needed for refreshing contemporary music.


Back with an album that is about to set the scene on fire, Decapitated return with ‘Anticult’.

‘Impulse’ opens the album with axeman Voggs unique effect on a melancholic riff before exploding into a flurry of mind melting drum fills and doom tinged guitar lines, then in comes a riff that takes your head off accompanied by Rafał Piotrowski’s distinctive and intense vocal delivery.


‘Deathvaluation’ has a grove orientated Pantera styled riff that just does not let up and the way the track closes sets you up perfectly to be smashed in the face by ‘Kill the Cult’.  There’s fast and then there’s this fucking rager of a track.  ‘Kill the Cult’ has a low-end steam roller of a riff backed up by double bass that sounds like a chopper leaving Saigon. If Voggs guitar solo on this track does not give you Goosebumps there’s something wrong with you.

It must be said that the drumming on ‘One Eyed Nation’ should be regarded as one of the best performances of the year. A constant attack on the senses, long time touring drummer and now full-time member Michał Łysejko does a masterful job.


Not much can be said about ‘Anger Line’ other than it is like being mauled by a pack of wolves for 3 and a half minutes, perfection. The production of Anticult is clean but up close and personal, there’s an inescapable intensity to this record unlike anything out there. ‘Earth Scar’ is a burning example of why this band are so unique and different from the rest. Pure brutality but delivered in such an innovative and brilliant way. ‘Amen’ closes the album and is a short but effective grinding way to bring this masterpiece to a close.


This album is something special and demands to be right up there as one of the greatest 21st century metal albums. When this band roll up to Bloodstock festival in a few weeks and play this material in-between an already Stella back catalogue, it will be something that will go on to define not just pure brutality but heavy music period.


Decapitated-Anticult - Out on Nuclear Blast July 7th





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