REVIEW! Stone Sour - Hydrograd

July 3, 2017

So today I pressed play on this record and received the warm and reassuring greeting of: “Hello, you Bastards”. Now as far as album openers go, I’d like to say it’s a surprise but for the band we’re delving into today would you expect anything less?


Stone Sour are back!


Making a welcome return with album number five Hydrograd. In many ways, you always know what to expect with brand new Stone Sour, brilliantly crafted Hard Rock songs being executed by a super group of very talented individuals and I’m happy to report that Hydrograd is no exception.


‘Taipei Person/Allah Tea’ is the first song that opens up the record. Protruding with Riffs, hard hitting drum fills and attitude. Like the majority of this record the melodies are so infectious you can’t help but want to sing along or air-guitar-along, which ever quenches your musical taste buds. 


‘Knievel Has Landed’ goes down an experimental route with an effect on the bass that gives the song a menacing touch while ‘Song #3’ has already cemented it’s self as one of Stones Sours greatest anthems and rightfully so. One for blaring out as loud as you can, in the sun with beverage in hand.


The production of this album has a real rough around the edges feel and you really get the sense that the band had so much fun churning out these songs during the recording process. A rager from beginning to end, ‘Fabuless’ is a hard-hitting rock song but played with such anarchic delivery, it’s like someone took the attitude of the Sex Pistols and rammed it down Peal Jams throat. The exit of Jim Root left fans up in arms about the creative output however with the standard of playing on ‘Fabuless’ any concerns should immediately be but to bed. Replacement Christian Martucci can shred!

After roaring out the traps the album then takes a slower turn direction. ‘The Witness Trees’ has a sombre edge and really displays how much of a killer drummer Roy Mayorga is by filling spaces with interesting drum beats. ‘Whiplash Pants’’ and ‘Somebody Stole My Eyes’ are absolute juggernauts. The speed on both tracks could out run a mountain gorilla. While each track has a fast paced and aggressive riff that wouldn’t feel out of place on the first Stone Sour record.


Corey Taylors performance throughout this record is mind meltingly good. Aside from the other little job he does in that other band of his (you may have heard of them), Corey’s voice sounds so weathered now and it really lends itself to making the heavy points on this record stand out and go off just that little bit harder.


If there are any criticisms that are to be thrown at this album it’s that this can at points feel a bit drawn out and could do with losing a few tracks here and there. This aside though a very strong effort from a now very well-established band.


Stone Sour- Hydrograd - Out everywhere now!





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