LIVE REVIEW! Vintage Trouble - Shepherds Bush Empire, London

June 16, 2017

Vintage Trouble are one of the best live bands out there right now. That’s right, we said it. Its undeniable. Regardless of whether you dig their bluesy rock and roll or not, if you’re not impressed by their live performance, you’re not human.  


Back by popular demand! Vintage Trouble made their return to the UK with a small run of dates hitting the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire along the way. It’s only a short journey from the Kentish Town Forum in which the band played this time last year. Regardless, both venues packed to the brim, it was great to welcome the guys back to a London stage once again.  


We bumped into Ty Taylor, the bands phenomenal front man, as his singing echoes in the halls backstage where he aimlessly walks around shaking various people’s hands and saying hello. A class act from a class guy, it pretty much sums up what this band are all about. Sheer class from the moment they hit the stage to the moment they’re off it.  


In a year that’s been filled with ridiculously good live music, Vintage Trouble kick things off with a gentlemanly handshake between all members right before ‘Total Strangers’ opens the set and allows for everyone to sing the songs opening ‘Nah nah nah’s’ in unison to the beat of the drums. It’s a sign of things to come. Those in the crowd can expect to be getting more involved as the night goes on. That’s the beauty of this band and their ability to engage the crowd throughout and make every person in the room feel like a part of the show. Its second to none and tonight is no different. 


‘Strike Your Light’ offers everyone the bluesy up beat tempo that Vintage Trouble do best. It’s a visual treat for several reasons. Ty Taylor busting out his signature stage moves in addition to the shuffling of the crowd who find it hard to resist dancing to a good beat. “Strike your light shining bright on me” are the lyrics and the crowd knows them well enough to once again invoke a big sing along. Ladies and gentlemen, Vintage Trouble are here and the party has officially started.  


The place erupts however when fan favourite ‘Blues Hand Me Down’ kicks in. At this point, there’s not one person standing still as frontman Ty Taylor is at it again once more getting up close and personal with the crowd. Little do the fans know that they’re going to get a lot closer to Ty before the night is done. And that’s just what happens! 'Run Like The River' naturally gives the frontman a reason to join the crowd for a short while but not until he's finished helping out stickman Richard Danielson on the drums! Weaving in and out of dancing fans, Ty appears on the balcony much to the surprise of the seated fans and with everyone now singing "run baby run",  the frontman jumps from the balcony and crowd surfs his way back to the stage.  


'Not Alright By Me' is the song to close out the show which almost acts as a moment of calm and beauty in a rather explosive show, a much needed cool down from the continuous levels of excitement that this band brings to a venue.  


Vintage Trouble shows are not your average show.  That’s what makes them so special. The band are no stranger to UK shores and with every visit they continue to fill venues and have every single person in the room eating out of the palm of their hand. It’s a gift, one that not many bands possess anymore and as long as Vintage Trouble continue to do it, we'll all be there to welcome them with arms wide open.  




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