REVIEW! Foscor - Les Irreals Visions

June 10, 2017

Translated into English the word Foscor meaning Darkness couldn’t really sum up better the sound of the band we’re about to delve into.


A 4-piece erupting from Catalonia, which is still yet largely an unwilling part of modern Spain. Foscor’s reign began back in 2004 with debut album 'Entrance to the Shadows' Village’. Deafening blast beats, relentless guitar savagery and gut wrenching vocals. There’s no disputing that Foscor’s early material very much lent itself to the traditional black metal resonance.


It wasn’t until 2014’s ‘Those Horrors Wither’ that Foscor took a bold turn in direction. Proving that full on savagery was not the only string to their bow. ‘Those Horrors Wither’ was a very progressive and expansive record which saw the likes of clean vocals and heavy riffing.


A few years on Foscor are back in the most haunting way with ‘Les Irreals Visions’.

When describing records, it’s always cliché to say that there are journeys but there really is no better way in the case of Les Irreals Visions. Taking you into countless sonic landscapes but executed in such a unique and heavy manner. Translated, the title of the album is suitable named The Unreal Visions.

‘Instants’ opens the album with a doomy styled riff glazed with graceful harmonics. Vocalist Fiar has a really distinctive voice that grabs you and doesn’t let go. The overall vibe is like being inside the headspace of a manic depressive. ‘Ciutat Tragica’ has a punchy rhythm throughout. The blast beat drumming and airy guitar reminding you that sonically the heaviness is still very much present. The song concludes with a grandiose piano harmony.


The track ‘Altars’ is a real testament to the musician within this band. From the melody, drum flurries and glorious guitar solos, you can distinctly hear that every instrument is being played to a towering standard with immense talent and passion behind it.


‘Encenalls De Mort’ is 5 minutes of pure melancholic artistry. This track has a menacing feel with a harrowing guitar line throughout.  ‘Malfianca’ meaning distrust translated is a total contrast to the previous track. ‘Malfianca’ has an upbeat tempo but those dark undertones are still there. The magic about this album is that regardless of the emotions that wash over you when you’re listening, each track has its own vibe and unique feel.  Your mind can paint a picture with each song.


A harrowing delayed guitar line is present throughout. The title track concludes the record with what can be best described as a doomy epic. My advice is to get a good quality set of headphones and let this record wash over you from beginning to end.  


This is a record that can be listened to over and over again and I can guarantee that you will find new things with every listen. For the sheer quality of songs this is a band that demands your attention.

Out June 9th on Season of Mist.










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