LIVE REVIEW! CKY - The Underworld Camden


They're a band that were the go to for most, if not all of the skater kids between 2000 & 2005. Fans who followed the antics of Bam Margera became very familiar with the music through their contributions to the DVD series boating the same name of CKY which features Bam & co skating and just generally doing silly shit. Moving forward CKY, also featuring Jess Margera, would grow even more popular with the evolution of the hit TV show Jackass which also featured many of the bands songs.  

When CKY landed with their Debut album 'Volume 1', They would grow to new heights of popularity as the 'Jackass' era really took shape and what was a small punk rock band for Pennsylvania, became the creators of the soundtrack to your summer with songs such as '96 Quite Bitter Beings'. 

Fast forward to 2017 and CKY are making a comeback. Sure, they never really went anywhere as such but its been a while since we last heard any noise made by the band on UK shores. 2017 will see the band release their new record 'The Pheonix'  which hits shelves on the 16th June so what better way than to make a return than to hit the UK with some dates including London's very own, The Underworld in Camden, a venue made for bands like CKY. 


Two dates sold out. Not even a Monday or a Tuesday could stop the fans from coming along to enjoy a throwback to their teen years and the possibility of hearing some new music. Needless to say it was a packed weekday crowd who were prepared to get rowdy without a care in the world for tomorrow as many would more than likely be making their way to work suffering with sleep deprivation and hangovers. 

Entering the stage as they mean to go on, the band introduces things with the Rocky theme of all things which is enough in itself to really get the crowd pumped. There is no substitute for the band everyone is here to see though made evident through huge CKY chants. The crowd are appeased as Bam Margera makes his way to the stage and simply asks 'Who's ready for CKY?" And the journey begins with 'The Human Drive In Hi Fi'.  

Its interesting to see that at no point does the energy diminish through the 15 song strong set list and to top it off, what would a CKY set be without the appearance of '96 Quite Bitter Beings' which seemingly ends the main set. But the highest point in which the room really turned into a whirlwind of carnage was yet another appearance by Bam for 'Bite It You Scum' a GG Allin cover that kicks of the encore for tonight which ends things with two more stand out tracks from Volume 1. 'My Promiscuous Daughter' helps end things the way they started, with plenty of folks going wild on a Monday night.  

Its interesting that the band have been away for so long and yet the welcome they receive on this night is outstanding. As the band said at the beginning, they took over The Underworld for two days and they did indeed make the place theirs. They also told us just how good it was to be back and I think all the people in the room showed the band just how much they have been missed. 

One things for sure, that was ne crazy night in London town!








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