REVIEW! Tankard - One Foot In The Grave

May 30, 2017

It isn’t anything new hearing about our love for thrash metal. In fact, we probably sound like a broken record. Well, prepare for more love of all things Thrash as we blast the new record by non other than German thrashers Tankard who are back and stronger than ever with their latest offering ‘One Foot In The Grave’ which will hit the shelves on the 2nd of June via nuclear Blast Records.


We wont lie, there is a sense of utter excitement as we click that play button and the records opener ‘Pay To Pray’ explodes through our speakers with absolute might. Its an opener that makes you want to start a one-man circle pit in whatever room you happen to be listening in. Its fast and furious and will without a doubt get the blood pumping ready for you to tackle whatever bullshit is thrown at you.


Come the records second track ‘Arena Of The True Lies’ You’ll quite literally be feeling like you are ready to take on the world. The thrash force is strong with this one. If you’re a fan of the big German thrash bands like Sodom, Destruction or Kreator, this is for you. We see no reason whatsoever why you wont be banging your head at this point.

Its very clear the band are not messing around on this record. They’re not here to bullshit you with a shadow of their former selves. ‘Don’t Bullshit Us’ is a testament to that as the riffs that take place in this track make it impossible to not move. You can’t help but think about the carnage that would ensue as this track is played live. In fact, we are banking on this being in the set list of any tour in support of this release.


The title track takes a step back for a moment with an eerie guitar intro reminiscent of pretty much all of your favourite thrash bands right before it stabs into action with riffs that will be in your head for the rest of the day. Its got everything, thrash tempos, rumbling double bass, sweeping solo’s all whilst keeping a sense of melody that keeps the track interesting from start to finish. We always like to think the title track of any record is an important one. It should chronicle the record as much as possible and stand out to the listener. We can say that the band have succeeded in doing this without a doubt as ‘One foot In The Grave’ ends up being one of the most memorable moments from all ten tracks.


Overall there are a lot of really great tracks on this record that brings the band back into the limelight after a couple of years away. For the old school fans, don’t expect the usual tracks themed around beer and whilst the overall feel of the record is less fun themed, it doesn’t take away from just how good these thrash songs are. Fans old and new are going to dig this a lot!






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