REVIEW! Naga Siren - This Dark Lake

May 30, 2017

Its always a pleasure to receive new music from the new bands looking to get out there a make a name for themselves. Over the past few months a large chunk of this music seems to be coming from Norway! Enter Naga Siren, a hardcore collective based in Oslo who are out to make some good old noisy music and its safe to say that on this occasion they succeed.


The band released their debut EP ‘This Dark Lake on the 24th of May which consists of 4 very good hardcore tracks. It’s a great debut that has little flavours here and there of those bands already well established in the genre. With shades of bans such as early era This Is Hell, The Greenery and Bokassa just to name a few this one is sure to please those fans of the genre as a whole and has definitely put the band on the ‘ones to watch’ list.


The chunky riffs and drums stab repeatedly introducing the EP’s opener ‘I Will Not Sink’. Immediately we begin to get an understanding of what Naga Siren are all about. Its great noisy post Hardcore we all know and love. We get the first real taste of the noises coming from Emil Solbakken who screams as if he has something to scream about.

‘Pillar/Torrent’ is the second track on the EP which is probably the standout track here. Its beautifully chaotic whilst maintaining a sense of melody which is both angry and dark. The only problem is the track is too short making the listener want to immediately go back and listen a gain. It’s a great problem to have. We can see this one being a favourite.


EPs these days are short and we start to get a feel for that as we hit reluctantly hit the half way mark. Title track ‘This Dark Lake’ continues to capture the audience with dark melodies and the harsh hardcore sounds that forms all 1.39 minutes of the track which feeds into the grand finale ‘As I Lay Here’ which is the perfect ending to what is a perfect little EP. We love when bands get things right AND Naga Siren have done just that with an EP that ends as well as it started.


What we love about this EP is the overall feel the listener gets from the music. Its dark and angry and quite simply sounds like four pissed off dudes from Norway laying it all on the line in their music. It sounds deeply personal whether intentional or not. Regardless, it makes for some great music that has formed a really solid debut.




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