PREVIEW! Camden Rocks Festival!

May 23, 2017

Camden Rocks Festival. It’s marketed as a one day festival that consists of 250 bands across 25 venues all for what we would consider to be a fairly cheap ticket. What Camden Rocks festival really is however is a complete and utter takeover of the famous area and all of its venues!  For those who have never ventured to the event, it really is something you have to see at some point in your life. You can walk to any of the 25 venues that are hosting plenty of bands throughout the day and see them all operating at near sold out capacity. It truly is remarkable.


With a staggering 250 bands on the bill, it’s hard to nail down just a few but damn it we are going to give it a good shot! Here is’s top 5 bands not to miss!

Orange Goblin really need no introduction for they have been playing shows plenty over the last few months. That being said, to this day the crowd will still turn out for them and Camden Rocks will be no different. They are flying the flag high for the stoner rock genre at the festival and if you yourself have ever wondered what its is all about, the mighty Orange Goblin are going to be a great initiation into their world.


One of the ones we are looking forward to most has to be the punk legends themselves Anti-Nowhere League. The originators of the somewhat profanity laden hit ‘So What’ was later made even more famous by that little band known as Metallica who featured a cover of the anthem on their Garage Inc. covers album. The English punk rockers will grace the stage at The underworld for all of those who wish to take a trip down memory lane. Expect all of your favourites from the band including THAT song!

Speaking of legends. Its absolutely appropriate we take a moment to mention The Damned who will play the Electric Ballroom at 9pm. No doubt this will be a packed venue for the band who brought you iconic tracks such as ‘Neat Neat Neat’ and ‘New Rose’. You’ll probably find that those in attendance for the Anti Nowhere League show will be the same faces seen whilst The Damned open up their energetic punk vibes upon them all. It will be a perfect way to see out the day and one very much in tune to what Camden Rocks Festival is all about.


Its not been long since Pulled Apart By Horses released ‘The Haze’ and we must admit, it impressed us a lot! So what better way than to hear some of the bands new material! Camden Rocks Festival is sure to get a treat as the band plays some new tracks for the fans. One thing is for sure, its going to get noisy and if you like that sort of thing, Pulled Apart By Horses are for you!


Turbowolf have a busy year ahead no doubt with a stop off at Leeds Festival too this summer. But before that, they’re going to treat Camden to their groovy mix of psychedelic rock that will get the bodies moving and heads nodding. Listen out for tracks such as ‘Rabbit Foot’ and ‘Nine Lives’ that will be defining moments in their live set no doubt.


Camden Rocks Festival isn’t just your typical day long event. It’s a years worth of heavy planning to bring London the best in new and old music. It’s the blood sweat and tears of all the folks behind the scenes who do this every year to bring you, the fans a special day of top quality live music of some of the best bands out there. The takeover is real, its happening again June 3rd and you all should be there for one of the biggest parties of the year.





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