REVIEW! Hey Satan - Hey Satan

May 18, 2017

Stoner Punk, a genre that I had not heard about prior to this year, but seems now to be the sound of the year with albums hitting us here at The Revival thick and fast. The latest of these is the new release from Hey Satan, their self titled debut from the deepest depths of Switzerland. 


The previous offerings we've experienced from this new emerging genre have been rooted in punk origins but mixing with that heavy sound. Hey Satan, however, flip this thinking on its head; foundations built on traditional stoner rock but with a hint of the rebel punks ethos.


Hey Satan, formed by three long term friends, produce a unique sound. The three piece feature two guitarists and a drummer, but lack any bass. Surely an essential part of the stoner rock sound, however the sound they produce whilst different, doesn't suffer from the lack of bass at all.


The self titled album, released on Cold Smoke Records, opens with a drum intro to Fallon City Messiah, starting off with that classic Clutch sound that we all know and love. Is a the song title a nod to them maybe? The rolling bluesy guitar riffs are a wonderful gateway into this album.


Legal Aspect of Love starts in much the same manner, a tad darker and very heavy, but soon the punk twist kicks in vocally and with that angst ridden attitude. The song has the feel of a very dirty American rock anthem, gritty guitars and vocals that dominate throughout the song.


Sunshine Blues is a slow burner, a traditional doomy stoner rock tune. Building slowly with the bass drum thudding as François' vocals weave their way into the building song. It reminds me a little of a much darker Royal Blood track, it has a very similar feel. In Cold Blood follows, much more of a traditional desert rock track in sound and feel but the guitar pitch gives it that little something extra.


To close off side A of the record is the faster paced, more up beat 1991,or at least that's the way the song starts. The song builds to an inspired instrumental mid song, before dropping low and heavy again to lead it to a dark and doomy end. Song for a Lost Mariner brings back that Clutch vibe, alternating pace and pitch throughout the track its a song perfectly fitted for a live performance and I can't wait to see how it sounds in that arena. 


Bastardizer really changes things up; this is the first time on the album where the punk element takes over, just a short 2 minute ditty that punches you in the metaphorical gut with its anger and attitude. Black Flags Down continues this speed and power as the album seems to have suddenly jumped into life, melodic twists interlude the aggressive paced bettering of a song. 


Wonderfully titled, This Meat Stinks, Honey! rounds out the album. The sound is dripping in a bass tone despite no bass being present through inspired musicianship and technical expertise. A great come down track to round out a surprisingly well rounded debut album. If you like stoner rock then this is an essential new band for 2017 that you need to check out.




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