REVIEW! Ulsect - Ulsect

May 8, 2017

The average human has 32 teeth in their mouth, it gives me great pleasure to introduce a brand-new band that are ready to bash every single one down the back of your throat. Hailing from the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands comes an absolute juggernaut ready to scorch the earth.


Formed from ex members of progressive metal outfit Textures and Black Metal group Dodecahedron comes 5 individuals with immense talent ready to make waves. Planting their flag firmly in the ground with a self-titled debut Ulsect are as immediate as a sledgehammer to the temporal lobe.


We begin with ‘Fall to Depravity’, opening with a destructive airy riff that’s builds with the help of drummer Jasper Barendregt’s flurries on the snare and high hat, a mere 40 seconds passes before the band are firing on all cylinders.  A completely ferocious guitar tone throughout and as brutal as this track is it’s not without its sombre moments with the occasional turn in pace with just the drums and riffs playing off each other.

Vocalist Dennis Maas’s delivery is very comparable to that of Jens Kidman (Meshuggah) and Rafał Piotrowski (Decapitated). ‘Our Trivial Toil’ is a complete attack on the senses, Blast beats that will make you want to run through a wall. The guitar work of Joris Bonis and Arno Frericks is definitely a highlight.


When we think of doom we tend to associate this with slow crushing slabs of low end riffs. The riffs are very doom orientated on this record but played with such ferocity and speed. ‘Moira’ is 2 minutes and 20 seconds of pure concrete heavy chugging which leads perfectly into the track ‘Unveil’. Incorporating everything we have heard on the record up to this point I can see Unveil being a song that will crush live.


‘An Augury’ is a grinding instrumental that really shows off the musicianship of this group of individuals. The band and producer Joris Bonis do a great job of making sure that the production of this record is very in your face which adds to the overall intensity.


The album comes to an end with the track ‘Maunder’. Like being slowly sucked into a black hole the song has a slow opening riff which rings out the speakers. Relentlessly heavy and keeping your attention the whole time, when vocalist Dennis comes in with a pure demonic line that track grinds away until it comes to halt finishing the record.


The death metal scene has produced some great bands over the last few years but for a debut album to come roaring out the traps with this amount of quality, this band could be a complete game changer not just to the death metal scene but the metal genre entirely.


Watch this space folks, this band are ready to eat the world.


Ulsect’s debut album is released May 12th on Seasons Mist.




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