REVIEW! Earth Electric - Vol.1: Solar

May 3, 2017

We have a lot to thank Norway for when it comes to the dark underbelly of our music scene.  Creatively it’s a place that’s influenced and given us some of the most extreme, desolate and cherished music over the last 30 years. It’s ties with the Black Metal movement back in the late 80’s and early 90’s will forever be looked back on as a historic. 30 years on since it’s fruition today we delve into a project masterminded by Rune Eriksen AKA Blasphemer.


Known to many as the former Axe man of Norwegian Demigod Juggernauts Mayhem. Since parting ways with Mayhem Rune has continued to bring the dark with other black metal outlet Aura Noir. Proving that brutal uncompromising music is not the only contribution Rune has to other our world, I would like to introduce Earth Electric. 


A Norwegian five piece formed in late 2013 early 2014, Earth Electric are here to turn heads at 360 degrees with debut album Vol: 1 Solar. When I read that this was going to be a Hard Rock album I wasn’t sure what to expect given the previous endeavours of the members involved within this project. It was a complete mind melter once I pressed play.


The album opens with ‘Mountains and Conquerors’ and this is a very good indicator as to whether or not this album is for you. The first thing you pick up on is this use of the organ like keyboards against a chugging riff which has a very Deep Purple feel. The track builds and builds until the haunting voice of Carmen Susana Simoes comes in which ties the song together perfectly.


Immediately parallels can be drawn between bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath as the record has a very 70s feel overall but produced in a very modern way. This will definitely be something that fans of Ghost will get a kick out of.

If you picture yourself steering a ghost ship into the abyss, ‘The Endless Road’ is the ideal accompaniment, completely haunting from start to finish. ‘Meditate Meditate’ has an absolute beast of a riff which sounds like it could topple buildings. This crashing against Ricardo Martins drums on this track really carry the song to another level. A lot of the 70’s vibe comes from Dan Knight’s work on the keys throughout this record, this can be comparable to the late and great Jon Lord. ‘Set Sail’ (Towards the Sun) starts off with a sinister choir-esque vocal, then crushing doom riffs beckon the song and brilliantly fade into the track Solar which has a faster change in pace.


The album closes with an aboriginal like track titled ‘Sweet Soul Gathering’. Only 2 and a half minutes in length, this song is a whirlwind of chanting and percussion which completely sucks you in gasping for more.


To get the most out of this record overall, it’s best to isolate yourself in a dark room, crank the record to an ear bleeding volume and let your imagination do the rest. I for one cannot wait for a Volume 2.

Earth Electric’s Vol.1: Solar, out May 12th on Season of Mist.







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