PREVIEW! The Road To Bloodstock : Sophie Lancaster Stage Headliners

April 24, 2017

The Revival's road to Bloodstock continues today with a look at the headliners on the Sophie Lancaster Stage. This stage, the second stage, has grown year on year from humble beginnings at the outdoor festival to establishing itself inside the giant tent it’s in today. The tent operates in support of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, please go and check their website out for details of this amazing cause, why it’s come into existence and how you can help. []

Traditionally the stage opens the weekend a day early, with a small Thursday night line up to entertain those eager early campers the evening before the festival gets into full swing. The Thursday night line up is yet to be announced’ keep you eye on our website for news on this, but expect it to be a light hearted fun filled evening with a few big names or two showing their faces.


On the Friday, the first full day of festivities, the Sophie Lancaster stage will be headlined by the superb Columbian outfit Inquisition. They play brutal black metal, but not traditionally styled. The bands roots are in thrash metal and this comes across in their music. Very much black metal turned all the way up to 11. Fast thrash riffs accompany darker black metal bass lines, lyrics and imagery. If you have not heard them before give them a listen over at your favoured music streaming service. With the headliners on this stage usually starting after the main stage headliners ends they promise to finish the first day on a high.

Saturday sees the crazy concept that is Chicago's own Macabre headline the stage. Now this promises to be a talking point of the weekend. The band classify themselves as "murder metal"; mixing elements of thrash, death and grindcore and enfusing them with a hint of folk, comedy and nursery rhymes (yes you read that correctly) smeared with an added layer of lyrical content focusing on serial killers. The trio have what can only be described as a sick sense of humour which comes across heavily in their music, but all of these elements mix together and will hopefully result in one hell of a headline act.


The final band of the festival, taking to the Sophie Lancaster stage shortly after Megadeth finish on the main stage, are Finnish quartet Wintersun. A far more traditional band than the previous night’s headliners, they mix very melodic power metal with a hint of folk. Swirling, meldolic guitar riffs,  powerful vocals, thunderous drum lines make for a band who will make a strong statement as the weekend closes. This band will surely be high up on the main stage in years to come, and this headline slot is a great stepping stone for them. If you like your metal a little less aggressive these are the group to watch.


This second stage always pulls a surprise out of the bag, bands you’ve never heard of before that when you catch here just blow you away. Year on year I have discovered a multitude of new bands in the tent, and we’ll preview some of the rest of the line up in the coming weeks.




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