REVIEW! Timeworn - Venomous High

April 21, 2017

This June, Norwegian metallers Timeworn return to the fray with the second full length album, Venomous High, the follow up to 2015’s critically acclaimed Luminescent Wake. People tend to place a band in a genre when attempting to describing them, although I find it hard to pigeon hole Timeworn, nor do I want to. They are a group that transcend such things spanning multiple genres and incorporating a variety of different sounds.


The new album opens with Measure of Gold a dark sounding number with a long atmospheric intro. If this was your first listen to the band it would be easy to compare them to late 90’s Anathema. Surround sound of deep throbbing guitars for a seven minutes with Stian’s haunting vocals setting the album up perfectly.


All Chiefs steps the brutality up a notch or two, a short, fast paced number with aggressive vocals and a punk/hardcore feel to the dual guitars but not losing at the atmosphere created in the first number.


The Trail is a short, again very dark number, featuring bells and samples to start a wonderfully eerie instrumental. The song is almost an introduction to Black Peak Blues which follows on. When that does kick in the volume ramps up, a seamless link between the two songs as the heavy guitar riffs kick in. It features small interludes of blues driven melody between the rambunctious lyrical verses.

Adding lashings of black metal to the mix is The Infectious Gloom. Slower in pace than previous tracks aided by the wonderful bass line of Svein. The theme follows through to Ur Syntax, but sounding a little thrashier. Drummer Fredik comes into his own on this track, technical work beyond comparison, adeptly steering the band through the four-minute tune.


Night of Owls opens with an all too short guitar solo, before the armoured battery kicks in. A lighter, faster feeling song it is encompassed by the throbbing guitars and chorus’ of a more melodic nature. Traitors to the Crown has a similar feel, rambunctious sounding riffs from the off, and the deep throated vocals. A death metal fans dream.


The album rounds out with the title track, Venomous High; finishing as the album started with a seven minute ditty. The track takes you back to the dark places from where you came just 45 minutes earlier. Atmospheric, slow and even more haunting vocals, almost demonic in nature and message. The song rounds out the picture the band have been creating through the previous eight tracks perfectly. 


Dark, demonic, thought provoking material that takes you to a place you through you’d never visit. I love an album you can lose yourself in, and this certainly is one such opus. Switch off from the world and let Timeworn take you away into their worst nightmares. A wonderfully experimental album that fans from across the board can relate to.




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