PREVIEW! The Road To Brutal Assault Festival 2017: Ones To Watch

April 20, 2017

Its definitely that time of year again. You can feel it in the air. People are out and about buying a new tent because they left the old one in the muddy fields of Fortress Josefov. E-Tickets are printed and probably stuck to the kitchen fridge. Flights are (hopefully) booked bringing many people to the Czech Republic for what is Europe’s fines extreme metal festival. Yes, we said it. Its quite a statement but we can promise you its true. Over the next few weeks we are going to try our best to show you and if you haven’t bought a ticket yet, we will hopefully be the ones to change your mind.


We have said it plenty of times, we are huge advocates for this festival. We will never stop loving it. And as the clock counts down, the road to Brutal Assault 2017 begins and with the line-up almost finished, it would be rude not to write about some of the ‘ones to watch’ because if its one thing Brutal Assault do better than anyone, its having those hidden gems on the line-up in between all of those big names we also know and love.

 King Parrot are the first on our list when it comes to ones to look out for at Brutal Assault 2017. We recently had the privilege of catching them on tour in the UK with non other than metal masters Obituary and Exodus on their Battle Of The bays tour. The aussies bring all kinds of crazy grindcore fun to the stage. A warning for those at the front row though, you’ll probably get wet as frontman Matty Young makes his way through bottle after bottle of water. Expect the band to take one of the early slots no doubt and be sure to wake your hungover ass up to make sure you catch some of this bands energy!


What would this year’s line-up be without a nice dose of sludge to entertain us all? A genre that is more popular than cocaine right now, the US trio Cough will bring their absolutely crushing wall of sound to the stage and will probably have you walking away after witnessing one of the heaviest things on the line-up. There may only be three of them, but their sound will smack you right in the face relentlessly for the duration of their set.

Brutal Assault has never hidden away from their Hardcore bookings either. For years the festival has been booking the best in Hardcore inbetween all of that lovely Death, Doom, Black AND grind. Those who enjoy their hardcore will once again be treated as French trio Birds In Row are added to the lineup. The band who are currently signed to infamous Deathwish. Inc will bring a refreshing sound to the line-up for those who like their Hardcore noisy and chaotic! The band are sure to go down well for those excited by the other Hardcore acts on the lineup such as Oathbreaker, Terror and Walls Of Jericho!

Finally, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention Batushka, the Polish black mettalers whose members have not been disclosed (but they are reputed to be from well-known bands) and its wonderfully weird Black Metal to the list of ones to watch. If anything it will prove to entertaining as candles and skulls fill the stage. We are going to hazard a guess that they will be playing in the night time darkness which will make the experience even more epic!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for even more Brutal Assault 22 previews as we look to dive deeper into some of the bigger acts gracing the stage this August! Until then, be sure to grab your tickets!


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