LIVE REVIEW! Suicide Silence, Deez Nuts - KOKO, London

Arguably one of the most controversial tours of the year following Suicide Silence’s heavily criticized and infamous self-titled album came to the UK’s capital for a one-off show. Camden’s Koko was the chosen venue for this tour stop-off. Let’s delve into Friday 24th March’s show.

Opening support came from the female-fronted UK deathcore band, Venom Prison. The band walked on stage with all the lights on and from where I was standing seemed to take the small crowd by surprise when they picked up instruments. No one seemed to be cheering for them, which is unusual. They then proceeded to play a thirty-minute, heavily strobe-tastic set that left me personally, rather indifferent. They’re just not my cuppa tea I’m afraid. The audience seemed rather subdued too, by comparison to mosh pits that followed.


By an almost complete contrast the Australian hardcore punk band Deez Nuts are lively, interactive, and

talked with the crowd on a regular basis. At one point, front man JJ Peters made a 'verbal legal contract' with the audience to purchase their new upcoming album Binge & Purgatory later next month [April 7th]. A band who’s name always makes me think of the Friend’s episode where Joey’s sister becomes pregnant and Bobby’s “straight up gangster rap” band is called ‘Numb Nuts’ are not a band you should be surprised to see providing main support for Suicide Silence these days as this hip-hop hardcore party band help show the diversity that the headliners are wanting to portray.


Now, it is time to ‘Disengage’ and introduce tonight’s headline act, Suicide Silence. Despite, and let’s be honest here, a woeful turnout the fans more than made up for all the cheering and chanting as SS strolled onto Koko’s stage.


The crowd started to sing happy birthday to Hernan Eddie Hermida on at least two occasions and on the second Hermida turned and said; “What is this all about? We’re not here to sing happy birthday, we’re here to play fucking music!”


A little later on an issue seemed to arise with part of Alex Lopez’s drum kit before No Pity For A Coward was meant to start. Hermida said “There’s no pity…..” at least five times thinking the band where ready perform whilst this poor drum tech frantically fiddled about. It turns out that there is in fact enough pity for a drum technician that Lopez wasn’t going to start playing around him.


Eddie seemed pleased to be playing and made no reference to their recent criticisms on the band’s latest album which for me shows a lot about his character, not to complain or attack critics on what is a good platform to do so. Other musicians would have taken that opportunity to moan about the ‘haters’. He made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as possible and the band as a whole provided a very energetic performance to the four hundred or so attendees. A subtle tribute was made to Mitch and although his name was never mentioned, everyone cheered.

Both guitarists; Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun are highly memorable for their multitude of facial expressions throughout the show, displaying real passion. Garza in particular decided to shred whilst laying on the floor as Hermida crowed surfed while screaming down his mic. The night came to a close with Suicide Silence destroying their equipment and celebrating their front man’s birthday by hitting him over and over again with cream pies [no not that sort of cream pie] to the face. This was the first time I’ve seen the band since Download 2011, very early in the morning on the Saturday whilst Mitch was alive. For all those who haven’t seen the band or really dislike the latest album, Eddie Hermida is a fantastic performer by whipping the crowd up into frenzy with walls of death, pits and taking time out to talk. He is also quite a humble human being too.

Suicide Silence is back to play Download again this year as well as a multitude of European festivals.




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