REVIEW! Montezuma’s Revenge – Them

March 25, 2017

It isn’t a rare thing these days to hear a band of only three creating such a destructive barrage of noise in the sludge and doom World, so it should be no surprise that Montezuma’s Revenge have returned after 4 years since their debut release and delivered a serving as good as any band currently doing it. ‘Them’ is an eight track monster that has broken loose of the from its chains to give us a hearty slap in the face.


While this sits heavy in the roots of sludge and doom, it also brings in plenty of fresh and innovative ideas to the fold, creating a refreshing view of what would usually be a bone crushing album, proving that ‘Them’ is more than just a one trick pony. ‘Days of Saturn’ kicks off the album with complexity blended with simplicity, all layered with a crushing undercurrent and devastating vocals followed up by ‘Christmas of Death’. Bringing a pummelling groove sound reminiscent of Mastodons Leviathan days, a great stand out track. ‘Prey for the End’ carries the assault of the senses on with something that I’d expect from any number of bands from the NOLA part of the World.


From start to end, ‘Them’ is an album that keeps you engaged, and despite its short title track sitting in at less than two minutes, it is somehow complete controlled chaos, a hurricane in a padded cell. If that was the one locked in a cell, then ‘My God is a Bad Cop’ is the one that broke out as it gathers itself and pushes through anything in its way.


Album closer ‘Black Illuminator’ is the epically long track on the album, barely sitting shy of 9 minutes, it’s allowed to swell and suffocate at its slow, soul crushing pace. A monster that becomes a juggernaut. Pure stoner-doom that brings ‘Them’ to such an outstanding close.


Despite the otherwise short feel in length to the album, there is little wrong that can be picked up on from the album, it brings a different approach to a music genre that at times can feel almost oversaturated. Being a lover of the stoner/doom/sludge style myself, this album will be sticking about and getting plenty of play through the year from me. Those that like things a little different will no doubt have zero regrets investing their time into checking out Montemzuma’s Revenge.




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