LIVE REVIEW! Gojira - Kentish Town Forum, London

Gojira make a return to the UK after a run of huge arena shows in support of Alter Bridge late last year. Returning this time on their own headline show in support of latest album ‘Magma’ fans of the band made their way to the Kentish Town Forum for a night of sheer heaviness of biblical proportions that is further propelled by the supports the band have brought with them.


Car bomb give us a show both sonically and visually with a back line of strobes not for the feint hearted (or epileptic for that matter) and what is conveyed visually is representative of the sounds coming from the band. Utter chaos. Forget safe time signatures and musically pleasing harmonies, this is a mashup of eclectic beats, savage guitar work, earthy bass and interesting vocal work. It's very fortunate that these guys weren't on ten minutes after doors opened as advertised otherwise folks would have missed a treat. Think Meshuggah intertwined with Gojira and you'd be somewhere close which given the lineup this evening, is very appropriate.


Things get turned up a notch next. You can't help but feel that Code Orange are the real heroes of the night given the performance displayed which could quite easily make most in the room feel like they have been trampled to death by a heard of rhinos. The definition of what constitutes as "heavy" is also very subjective but for the love of all things that is, Code Orange have to be one of the most devastatingly crushing bands we have seen in a long long time. They took over the Kentish Town forum as if it was their own. Claimed in the name of hardcore music and with the pure dominating aurora that surrounds them on stage, no one is going to tell them otherwise. Their tested formula is hypnotic as they get right into things with self titled track from their new album "forever" which is so big makes most bands entrances to the stage feel rather elementary.

As we like to say, its main event time as Gojira take to the stage. If there was someone who could compete with just how heavy Code Orange were though it would be (and quite rightly so) Gojira. Here's a band who have been absolutely relentless in their career and all things have led to this very point. A sold out headline Gojira show. It wasn't that long ago the band were on UK turf supporting Alter Bridge on an arena run that saw them play a whole heap of people who more than likely were not there to see them but we asked and we received. Their very own show in support of their latest offering Magma.


The fans are really out with full force this Sunday night as the band waste no time getting into business. In fact, it doesn’t take long for things to get really rowdy as the band turn the forum into a warzone by song number two which at this point absolutely feels like ‘The Heaviest Matter of The Universe’.


‘Magma’ is well represented early and proves that the new material is just as heavy live as the older songs. ‘Stranded’ and ‘Silvera’ are proven to be very popular early on and are as hard hitting and chaotic as they come with the crowd showing no signs of fatigue having not stopped moving for the first half hour with the exception of front man Joe Duplantier taking a short moment to acknowledge the view in front of him, one of Gojira’s biggest turnouts confined within a sold out Kentish Town forum.

Half way through the show ‘Backbone’ reminds us all just how heavy things can get and just how much we loved ‘From Mars To Sirus’ and there’s even time for Mario Duplantier to remind us all just how good he really is as he rips faces off with a drum solo.


Its safe to say that Gojira are at their very best right now. Their live performance really showcases just what that looks like too. Its no surprising that they are a band who can sell out London venues now and in witnessing one of the best shows of the year so far, its exciting to see just where things are going to go from here.




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