LIVE REVIEW! Kreator, Kentish Town Forum, London

There's a mixture of people turning up to the Kentish Town forum for an early kick off on a weekday for German thrash legends KREATOR. It's a packed lineup that has brought a variety of different fans out. There are leather studs, denim jackets boys who look like girls and girls who look like boys. Young, old, fat, thin they're all here and that's what we love about the thrash metal scene and its ability to bring many people together all for the love of the music. Some might say the lineup has also aided in the eclectic turn out tonight. Death metal legends ABORTED, Swedish Metal maestros SOILWORK and another old school name, SEPULTURA all on stage tonight in what was always destined to be somewhat of a slobber knocker as good ol’ JR would say.


Aborted arrive on stage like a no frills sledgehammer to the face. There's no bells and whistles just pure devastating death metal that has the die hard fans coming out to play. "This next song is about grabbing someone by the pussy" front man Sven De Caluwe exclaims. "I'm sorry, I'm mean the minge" he corrects himself for the English audience. Regardless the fans respond with laughter and cheers. Thanking those in attendance coming out so early then and burst into ‘Bit by Bit’ which ends a short and definitely not sweet end to the bands brutal set which is enough to wake up the earliest of crowds. And it did just that!

Soilwork were only in the U.K. a few months ago as we covered their tour with Arch Enemy. Back again for round two, it's another set where the band wastes no time getting into it just like they did back in the summer on a smaller stage. Soilwork are energetic, explosive and seem to be having a great time. But when it comes down to the crunch, the real winner was the participant of the mosh pit dressed as a unicorn who is ecstatic from start to finish as the band make their way through the usual hits like ‘Nerve’ & ‘Stabbing The Drama’.


The energy felt as if it had risen ten fold as the fans await the arrival of Sepultura who always go down a treat on UK shores. Either the bands fans have only just got here or they have been waiting silently for their moment to strike. There are flags galore as the Brazilians bring chaos and carnage as a whirlwind of shredding guitar, percussion and front man Derrick Green screaming for his life when not pounding a bass drum himself. It really doesn't take much to get the crowd involved at all or the security for that matter as one poor fellow gets taken out as a crowd surfer spills into the photo pit. All these years later the band are proving they still have what it takes and this tour in support of the latest offering ‘Machine Messiah’ is only testament to the fact that there is more to come from Kisser & co.

Kreator bring earth wind and fire to the stage as there's an abundance of confetti that emphasises the punch the band makes as they start the night with Hordes Of Chaos. Is confetti something you’d usually associate with Thrash Metal? Perhaps not but the fans are loving it as they sing along relentlessly whilst. Confetti isn’t the only stage prop the band have brought tonight however as fire erupts to the sky. ‘Phobia’ garners one of the biggest crowd chants of the night in just the second song and ‘Satan Is Real’ proves that the bands latest album ‘Gods Of Violence’ is so far a success judging by the reaction.  It really is everyone against everyone as crowd surfers and circle pits ensure the security are working for their money tonight as well as giving the legends that are Kreator the warm British welcome they deserve. ‘Enemy Of God’, ‘World War Now’ and ‘Violent Revolution’ are all within he later part of the set which maintains the ferocity of a Kreator show we’ve all come to know and love.


Earlier we mentioned what a slobber knocker this would be. We were right and by god we were definitely broken in half by the end of it.



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