LIVE REVIEW! Wormrot, The Underworld Camden

Thursday 23rd of February brought two colossal storms, one known widely as storm Doris that laid waste to two very British issues with windy weather, garden fences and transport. Thankfully those that dared to brave ole Doris that day were treated to something better, and that was the storm brought upon the capital by the Singapore grind legends Wormrot.


Spending almost 4 hours on a train that usually takes a little more than 50 minutes to get me to the capital, I was keen to get myself in the Underworld as quickly as possible, thanks to planning ahead I had arrived not too long after the opening act had taken to the stage. Already having a damn good sized crowd which is great to see, that is probably thanks to the fact that openers Dysteria are relatively local being North Londoners themselves, but even if they weren’t, they put on a show that justifies their presence on the line up. A band I hope to see getting higher up soon on similar bills soon, they bring an awesome mix of hardcore/crust punk with seriously destructive female lead vocals. Dysteria owned the stage and most definitely gained a few more fans for anyone that didn’t know of them previous, one hell of an awesome start!

As more people fill the Underworld up, the next act, The Atrocity Exhibit were preparing themselves, a trio of almighty beards and energy as addictive as crack. Starting strong and growing only stronger through their set, they hammer through tracks to an ever hungry crowd. Seriously getting some welcoming love from a crowd with their grindcore/sludge groove, they played more like a headliner than a support band, and that was clearly visible on the faces and in the sound of the rapturous crowd. Completely and utterly awesome in every possible, nasty way.


It seems travel issues were still very much present, as the evening has gone on and there is still no sign of The Afternoon Gentlemen. Thankfully not too long after the stage has cleared by The Atrocity Exhibit, those lovely gentlemen arrive, and waste no time in setting up and getting their show underway. These heavyweights may have suffered on the travel down from up north, but they show no signs of it by letting rip with their battering ram of grind. Track after track gets thrown down the necks of an explosive crowd, and still they find time for the odd joke during parts, the pit is ridiculous and barely contained In the walls of the Underworld, and in those few opening minutes, braving an attempt to photograph The Afternoon Gentlemen had me take more hits to the kidneys than I can count!




In record time, the pro’s from up north cleared the stage quicker than they arrived, making way for the headline act. Although later than scheduled on, there was no complaints from the crowd. Wormrot (who had travel difficulties of their own) haven’t visited these shores in about 5 years, and that crowd would have waiting much longer if needed. With a simple set up though, the wait isn’t long. A drum kit, one guitar, three amps and vocals, if you think you need more, these guys are proof you do not. An insanely powerful blanket of noise delivered in its finest form. These grind bastards haven’t long released ‘Voices’, their 20 track, 30 minute long monster of an album. Keeping everything true to form, they play as tight and as fast as you can imagine. The pit that was struggling to hold the crowd was holding it no more, and thanks to the small amount of space the band need on stage, it became quickly in use by stage divers. Many people were going to wake up with some serious aches and pains in the morning, none more than the poor lad that mistimed his climb on stage as a song ends, and a jump into what somehow appeared to just become the only empty space in the crowd at the time. Thankfully I did spot him up and back at the headbanging a few songs later in the mass of screaming blurred faces. Wormrot fill the set with split second tracks to those longer, more crushing beasts. Jumping back and forth through albums and EP’s, they couldn’t seem to lay a foot wrong, Vocalist Arif had the crowd eating out of his hand, his energy was unforgiving and despite the two missed starts of a track by guitarist Rasyid which had him clearly shout sorry twice to drummer Vijesh, it was an hour or so of pure insanity, and a gig that will not be forgotten for a long time. The  trio may have been away from the UK for a while, but they put on a show like they were playing to in thaeir own backyard with friends they see daily.


Thankfully the journey home was much calmer, Wormrot and co had really shown storm Doris who the real storm was that day!




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