LIVE REVIEW! Trivium, Sikth & Shvpes, The Roundhouse London

Those who have journeyed to London’s renowned Roundhouse venue are treated once again as it playing host to some of today’s popular names in the world of Metal. Trivium are back on UK shores once more for a tour that sees them play some of the more bigger locations compared to the last tour which saw them play some special shows on the map where bands can less frequently be found playing. This time along the way, the UK are represented well by both veterans Sikth as well as Shvpes who have seen an increase in popularity in recent times.


SHVPES has had increased momentum over the last year or so. And with their metal/rock mashup it’s easy to see why they've netted this opening slot. Their galloping chugging riffs combined with their melodic sing a long moments are a good welcome to the Trivium fans as they make their way into the building. Frontman Griffin Dickinson owns what little space he has on the stage for him and the band to work with due to the abundance of drum kits but it doesn’t seem to hinder the performance especially as the band have probably played their fair share of smaller stages. A good performance by the band however is marred by the antagonist in the front row that Dickinson can’t help but call a c**t.

“If there's ever place to fall flat on your ass with mistakes, it's London” - so says SIKTHs frontman Mikee W Goodman as he acknowledges some mess-ups in the previous songs performance much to the surprise of those in attendance who probability didn't even notice at the time. We didn’t as the band erupts with their technical progressive metal that fills the Roundhouse as the band explode onto the stage with might. Whilst these kids have been around the block a fair few times there's still many in attendance who have never seen the band before as we find out with those who raise their hands when asked. It's good to see more UK talent representing on such a big tour and SIKTH represent with sheer velocity, aggression and a sense of ease that looks as if this is them at their most comfortable moment.

Beers are topped up, and the crowd is adequately lubricated as the warm concert air rises and people are getting a little drunk as time goes on. Of course a Friday night in London with TRIVIUM headlining, things were bound to get a little crazy and that's exactly what happens. It doesn't take long at all for the fans to really give it some.  The lights go down and Iron Maidens ‘Run To The Hills’ blasts through the PA as the crowd sings along in preparation for battle. Things are already electric and this is before the band plays a single note.


Trivium’s seminal ‘Ascendancy’ is well represented right from the get go with ‘The End Of Everything providing an intro to the set which naturally follows straight into ‘Rain’. From the looks of things, it’s the beginning of the set everyone in the room wanted and it’s greeted with mighty cheers, sing-a-longs, crowd surfers and mosh pits as Frontman Matthew Heafy and his tongue makes an appearance in between the huge smiles on his face making it pretty obvious he and his band are happy to be here. It’s a greatest hits setlist that see’s the older material generating the biggest reactions of the night. The band are tight and are only sounding better and better live with age.  


The end of the night see’s ‘Capsizing The Sea’ flow into ‘In Waves’ which is the fans final opportunity to roar along with Heafy which they do with everything they’ve got. Sweaty bodies, walk out of the venue winners of this battle and whilst the morning may see some fuzzy heads, aching bodies and sore throats, the battle was won and it was a Friday night well spent.

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