REVIEW! Widows – Oh Deer God

February 17, 2017

From what I remember of Widows, they began their time hitting the music scene as dirty desert rock band, with a pretty impressive debut release in the album ‘Death Valley Dutchess’, what you get in the follow up release, ‘Oh Deer God’ is very much an angrier affair, with the monster that is Widows growing into a heavier, sludgey beast with the times. The desert rock still shows its side with a nasty blues twist, but it makes for a real great listening.


The blending of styles makes for a refreshing sound, as each track plays, you may not be too sure which side of the tracks it will fall, but they flow smoothly and compliment each other nicely, well as nicely as sludge will allow, after all it isn’t written to be nice!


Title track ‘Oh Deer God’ starts the engine running hard, the groove is strong with it and it makes no effort to be forgiving, its stoner middle would stick with you if it wasn’t for the fast paced onslaught of ‘Caffeine and Hatred’, an attack on the senses with the power of a nuke, by the time you get what is going on it is over. ‘Heresy and Venom’ keeps that fast pace going, but lays off the assault a little, but the real show starts with ‘Blue Tina’, a seriously desert/stoner rock touch to the track throws off anything you’re expecting after the first few tracks, a treat with just enough dirt to keep the train moving down the line. ‘Ride to the Realm of Coitus’ is the monster of the album at just shy of 7 minutes playing in tempo throughout and keeping that hazy feel just right.


The closers are as strong as everything else in the album, ‘Baron Greenback Blues’ is a fast bruiser of a bluesy track, the most fantastic and memorable of songs for me, but just to sign off a little more gently, ‘Germanium Buzz’ takes an easy laid back approach, a track fit for beers and bbq’s.


In all they’ve done a great job of growing since their debut, they’ve ticked many boxes without sticking to just one style, that’s hard to nail down without some off tracks, but somehow they’ve done it, each ones a winner! Keep your eyes out for these guys, this will be a must buy!


Widows – Oh Deer God is out April 14th.




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