REVIEW! Benighted – Necrobleed

February 17, 2017

French death/grind bastards Benighted formed in the year of 1998 and as they approach the milestone of two decades, they are on the cusp of releasing Necrobleed, their 8th release since their debut self titled release back in 2000. Not bad going for any band, but with 3 of the 5 members changing since their last record, will that impact the release? Let’s find out.


Necrobleed starts out promising, harrowing horror-esque music with the chilling beauty of ‘Hush Little Baby’, a fitting start to the explosive force that awaits in ‘Reptilian’, relentlessly unleashing a barrage of insanity. ‘Psychosilencer’ is much more psycho than silencer, destructive guttural vocals carry at bowel moving depth, while the accuracy and tightness of the band are tested strong. Necrobleed carries through the album with just as much power and creative writing as it opened, not a moment goes by without meticulous attention and their deliberate, atom splitting force. None of the tracks surpass a five-minute mark, with most hovering a little over the 3-minute mark, perfect to get the disgustingly infectious blend of grind and death metal.

Crossing the halfway point, you come to the albums title track, sitting at 88 seconds long, you could be misleading into thinking now is your chance to get your head above water and catch a breath, you’d be wrong. Short and sweet, the grind is strong with this one with it’s intense, almost pig squeal style. ‘Monsters Make Monsters’ is groove ridden and shows of some great lead guitar skills and a machine gun blasting ending. ‘Cum with Disgust’ is the closest sounding title to anything remotely Cannibal Corpse, a pretty expectant thing for any band of the style really, as such, it’s a damn beast. 


‘Reeks of Darkened Zoopsia’ throws some curve balls, with an intro you really don’t expect, normal service resumes soon after, the tempo a little slower at parts which your neck will really appreciate the break from, but not before the final track ‘Mass Grave’ finishes you off.


Aborted have always been a strong favourite of mine, instantly that is who I liken them to. If you like them too then you should love this, Benighted have shown that despite 60% of the bands line up change in recent years has not let them down. Necrobleed is a beast unto itself, and in all honesty, it seriously can stand toe to toe with anything Aborted or similar have done.




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