LIVE REVIEW! EMP Persistence Tour 2017 Kentish Town Forum, London

Last time we attended a Persistence tour in the UK was back in 208. As usual the tour rolled through and brought some of the coolest bands around including Sick of it All, Heaven Shall Burn and H2O. It was an interesting show that ultimately wasn’t too busy at all. Fast forward to 2017 and we kick off the year with a bang as the tour headed to UK shores once more to take over Kentish Town for an evening of balls to the wall hardcore. Suicidal Tendencies were probably the main pulling force for the sold out numbers with their UK exclusive show and a first in quite some time.


One thing is for sure, it takes very little time for The Forum to fill up. Its not often you see a venue close to capacity midway through the very first band as people opt to sink a few jars of beer before the show. It’s a great turnout for Mizery who are the ones pulling kick-off duty tonight with their groovy and somewhat punky Californian hardcore sound. It has an old school vibe to it that fits well on tonight’s bill. The band either has some die hard fans in the crowd tonight or they just won a bunch of new ones over as the mosh pits start to form with those who struggle not to jump around with the band. Arms, legs and smiles are thrown about in what it the beginning of a un filled night for sure.

The momentum is increasing as we start to get to the point in the night where the quality of bands on the bill is is about to get all kinds of insane. Before then, Burn do a great job at heating up The Forum for us. Its groovy hardcore that not everyone in attendance may know of, but by the time they’re done there’s not one soul in the room who doesn’t know the band. They left it all out on the stage and as soon as it started its over. Time flies, as they say!


Taking nothing away from the opening bands, the real shenanigans of the night really does begin with Down To Nothing who waste no time getting down and dirty exploding on the stage with might. This is the crowd warm up all subsequent bands are after. There are shout outs and the initiation of Suicidal Tendencies crowd chants that gets the place pumped up. There’s even a moment in between songs where the band sings ‘from the east coast, to the west coast…” only for the fans in the room to finish the infamous Agnostic Front line.  


Walls Of Jericho give the crowd an explosion of energetic and angry music with a performance that is worth the price of admission below. With heart rates speeding up and an adrenaline fuelled mosh pit taking over The Forum, the band are simply electric. We are going to make quite a bold statement here and say this is possibly the best we have seen the band that seems to go from strength to strength and have grown into a mammoth of a live show that is not to be missed.

It is Municipal Waste that turn things away from the aggressive down and dirty vibes of Walls Of Jericho and proceed to turn the place into one big Hardcore/Thrash crossover party. Id doesn’t take long for beers to start flying around the place quite literally and just as expected the sheer amount of crowd surfers increase and give the security guys a run for their money. You can always count on Municipal Waste and their wonderfully chaotic madness which will indeed fuck you up

Its only right that one of the top spots of the night goes to legends Agnostic Front who are still to this day some of the hardest workers in the game. A buzz fills the air in anticipation for their arrival as the stage backdrop is uncovered donning the artwork of The American Dream Died’ which was released last year. Given the bands rich history in the scene, it feels so perfect that the response they get from the moment Stigma arrives on stage is overwhelming. Signature sing-alongs that are oh so frequent at Agnostic Front shows are present and at times dominant of the stages sound. The passion shown by both band and their fans is immense. This is why Agnostic Front and their live shows will never stop being important. Burns very own Chaka Malik joining the band on stage for ‘Gotta Go’ and ending the set on a Ramones cover just goes to show how cool this band is still all these years later.


Its the main event of the night and don’t we know it. That buzz that filled the air in anticipation for the other bands has massively increased. There’s only an hour slot for Suicidal Tendencies to fill and boy do they make use of every single minute. The chaos on stage upon the band arrival is a sight to behold as every member runs around the stage in circles before erupting into ‘You Can’t Bring Me Down’. We have gone back in time to the 90s as the forum erupts to the sound of what is essentially a greatest hits set list. The real trial for the crowd is during ‘Institutionalized’ and seeing how they fare with the words. It turns out they cope quite well keeping up with front man Mike Muir. Naturally ‘Cyco Vision’ and ‘Pledge your Allegiance’ close the set with masses of fans chanting ‘ST’ and plenty of people joining the band on stage for the closing party. Its been a while since we have attended the show like this!















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