REVIEW! The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy

January 24, 2017

When I first saw the promo come through for EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy, I had an immediate pang of excitement, as I had been a big fan of France's The Great Old Ones ever since their debut release “Al Azif” back in 2012. So it was, with great expectations that I hit “play” on this, their third full length release, continuing in the same fashion as their previous efforts with their intense brand of atmospheric black metal deeply routed in the dark and horrifying writings of H.P Lovecraft and his Cthulhu mythos. EOD is based on one of his best works, “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”, a tale of one man's visit to an accursed seaside town which hides many dark and devilish secrets beneath its surface. There is indeed something fishy going on in Innsmouth.


After the very brief spoken word intro, the album opens with the furious, daemoniac blasting and shrill guitars of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”, which then leads into a slower, more ominous middle which builds the atmosphere nicely for the audial terrors to come. “When the Stars Align” follows with its powerful and deeply evil sounding main riffs and pounding drums, sounding like this song could summon up The Deep Ones themselves from their briny hiding places.

At this point, this album already has the 'Innsmouth look' all over it. “The Ritual” follows with its appropriately ritualistic drumming and scathing guitar rhythms, conjuring cosmic chaos of Cyclopean proportions before the dark and dreamy ending draws us further into the madness. “Wanderings” gives us a chance to catch our breath, forming a short intermission before “In Screams and Flames', which sounds like all of Lovecraft's nameless horrors breaking free at once. Finally, “Mare Infinitum” brings the album to a crashing close with its eleven minutes of brooding evils and sorrowful melodies.


The stars definitely have aligned here, because all the right elements seem to have come together to create a powerful, haunting black metal album that does justice to H.P Lovecraft's great works - EOD just keeps drawing you further and further into its murky depths with each track. Even if you're not a dedicated H.P Lovecraft cultist, anyone who appreciates supremely crafted and deliciously evil sounding black metal should get a kick out of this. Cthulhu himself would be pleased with this prime slice of eldritch horror - I bet he can hardly wait to get his slimy tentacles on it.


The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy is released via Season Of Mist records January 27th.






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