REVIEW! Kreator – Gods Of Violence

January 17, 2017

There’s something wicked and sinister brewing and it is the relentless German Thrash attack from legends Kreator who are once again back with no sign of letting up any time soon with their new album ‘Gods Of Violence’.


The band have quite an extensive back catalogue and it all began with a little album called ‘Endless Pain’ that gave us our first glimpse of the band and their sound. Since then they have gone on to record some of the most important albums in German Thrash Metal History including the incredible ‘Coma Of Souls’ in 1990 and ‘Enemy Of God’ which should be well known to most fans.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes, we love this band and we couldn’t be happier to start the year with such a record. So what’s it all about?


To start with, if you are a thrash metal fan, you WILL love this album. It never ceases to amaze us how after all these years Kreator can still come back and deliver such a vicious sonic attack. They’ve kicked things off massively with this album with the short intro ‘Apocalypticon’ which feeds nicely into ‘World War Now’ which is blistering from start to finish. Its very easy to imagine this opening their upcoming tour which hits the UK in March and its very easy to imagine the carnage that would follow.


‘Satan Is Real’ plods along heavily. This is the Kreator sound of new that has worked so well since ‘Enemy Of God’. Good thrash metal shouldn’t be this catchy but in this case, it really is and this will be stuck in your head for quite some time! Another one that will have the fans on their feet and can probably be expected in their live show.

The Thrash attack continues with ‘Totalitarian Terror’ and if speed and brutality is your thing, then this is the track for you. The title track from this record, ‘Gods Of Violence’ slows things down just for a second with what could be an homage to early Metallica in an intro that feeds into drums and guitars that are thunderous.  


Its hard not to mention every song on this album for its many qualities. The songriting is superb and most of the time feels like the band have chronicled all of the best bits from the last 15 years and piled it all into one great record. ‘Army Of Storms’ takes us back to the first time we ever heard ‘Violent Revolution’ and ‘Death Becomes My Light’ is the closing every Kreator fan wishes.

 As a total package, ‘Gods Of Violence’ has it all. Blistering fast paced thrash, the signature Kreator melody, intense guitar solos that will melt your face all while remaining consistently heavy throughout. You’ll have this one on repeat for a while only stopping to re-visit the bands huge back catalogue.


'Gods Of Violence' is released worldwide 27th January via Nuclear Blast Records and is available through a variety of formats.





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