IN PICTURES! Boris, Electric Ballroom London

January 17, 2017

To absolutely no surprise, another great show  ended 2016 with a bang and included experimental Japanese trio Boris who took over Camden Town’s Electric Ballroom for one night to play their 2005 classic album ‘Pink’ which celebrated its tenth year of being one the most popular pieces to the bands sizeable back cataloge.


Check out the below slide show that gives a glimse into the live show of this pectacular band;


Band: Boris

Venue: Electric Ballroom

Date: 13th December 2016

Setlist: 1) Blackout 2) Pink 3) Woman On The Screen 4) Nothing Special 5) N.F. Sorrow 6) Pseudo-Bread 7) Afterburner 8) Talisman 9) Six, Three Times 10) Electric 11) My Machine 12) Just Abandoned Myself 13) Farewell ENCORE: 14)Memento Mori 15) Killmister


Special thanks to Daniel Ackerley for the fantastic photos. Visit his website here!




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