REVIEW! Code Orange - Forever

January 11, 2017

Having always followed their own path, it's an exciting time when Code Orange release a new album. Recently signed to Roadrunner Records for this third album, and with Will Yip and Kurt Ballou producing, they've once again chewed up the hardcore rule book and spewed up their hate fuelled bile on every other band out there.


From the title track opener and throughout, they show they need no change to their established, rough tone. Their riffs punch you in the gut with every repetition, and the high pitched guitar screeches stab at you with a dose of adrenaline every time. Drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan still energetically pounds on the drums and spits out the majority Code Orange’s lyrics with a genuine volatility not heard in most metal vocalists. Guitarists Eric Balderose and Reba Meyers also contribute death metal bellows and intense shouts that provide so much variety to each track.

The trio of vocalists don’t limit themselves though. ‘On Bleeding in the Blur’, Reba cleanly sings a surprisingly catchy chorus over alternative metal heaviness. It manages to keep the sound cloaked with a dark veil as well as offering a moment to breath amongst the rest of the album's brutality.


‘Forever’s’ darkness is largely down to the band's choice of electronics and sampling. Every piece is unique and utilised, whether it be industrial explosions or shatters, or electro squelches ‘The Mud’. Industrial sounds certainly lend an influence to the way some tracks are written too. ‘Hurt Goes On’ and ‘Ugly’ sound like hardcore’s take on old school Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson with a chanting choruses.


Importantly, all of this variety doesn’t hold back how heavy this album is. It's like being beaten in a dark alley, trapped in a claustrophobic metal chamber, a feverish nightmare. Forever hasn't been thrown together loosely. This is pain calculated into the coldest, heaviest and most twisted piece of hardcore you're ever likely to hear.


'Forver' is out Friday 13th through Roadrunner Records






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