REVIEW! Riviere - Heal

January 6, 2017

It's hard to believe on first listen, but this is Riviẽre’s debut album. Written over the course of two years in their native land of France, the four-piece bring together ideas from progressive metal and post rock to bring us an astounding first LP, Heal.


A graceful introduction on opening track 'New Cancer' provides enough aural clues to what is to come throughout the album. Airy synths, punchy and clear drums, a pulsing bass, twin guitar melodies that weave and swim amongst one another, giving into a riff that would fit amongst Deftones’ or Karnivool’s catalogue.


'Golden Wounds' follows up with a more playful riff, then gives way to a more sombre tone. This change up is consistent in every song, whether it be the harder hitting 'Binary Love', or the romanticism of Symbol’s beautiful delayed guitar melodies.

Singer Arnaud Laffont’s voice needs to be mentioned; Breathy and soft, it is a great fit with the band’s crisp production and their post rock moments. He really soars in the choruses, evoking a real storytelling quality in between.


Riviere’s real strength though, is in their songwriting. The lengthy songs keep you engrossed, almost subdued between their dreamy moments and more alternative metal riffs. There are no stereotypical song structures here, and there shouldn't be in music like this, but their layout sounds fresh even amongst their contemporaries. These influences are ranging; 'Yosemite' definitely gives you a vibe of post-metal with it’s 10 minute epic journey of gorgeous stratospheric guitars and Arnaud’s sweet voice separating the instrumentals.


Once Heal has finished, you'll listen again and again. You'll always find something new to love with each listen. Riviẽre take you through the clouds and into the skies with their melancholic, yet uplifting debut.


French post/prog metal band Riviẽre and their debut LP 'Heal', out Jan 20th via Basick Records.


For fans of Tool, Cult of Luna, Karnivool, Deftones and more, and mastered by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, etc), Basick Records' newest signings have a very exciting future ahead of them. Mesmerising and captivating, powerful and subtle simultaneously.






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