REVIEW! Repulsive Vision – Look Past the Gore and See The Art

January 6, 2017

Last year brought plenty in the way of awesome music, and with thanks to Repulsive Vision, 2017 has carried on that great torch. They’ve been about since the beginning of the decade, but this is just their first full length release. Look Past the Gore and See the Art certainly comes strong and hard at you to blast off the hangover and cobwebs of a no doubt hazy start of the year.


Being about since 2010 and not having any full length releases until now may have cost them a name amongst many would be fans, what they have done in that time is tour and support some of the finest bands that have defined the death metal scene, they have graced stages with many household names in that world including the likes of Discharge, Desecration, Benediction and so forth. All of which have no doubt helped inspire and carve an awesome live act that is only matched by their studio work. It isn’t hard to hear the inspirations of Obituary, Carcass, Napalm Death and Death in the band, as with most bands of the style, but the sound of this album has something that just comes across a little different.

Cracking out with with the self titled track, the raw, crisp and one hell of a wake up to the year, this long wait for a full length release is worth it on this alone. The album plays in a poetic, coherent, and thrashy as fuck. It almost does sound a little tinny at parts, but it helps the vocals really shine through, if you can consider them to shine at all. The songs tend to all have something that can drag you in whatever your cup of tea is, be it Premature Burial and its groove driven parts, Nematocyst and its catchy riffs or Harmless Entertainment and its break neck speed.


The entire album is a fitting piece of work, fully living up to its title, and the album doesn’t hang about, not a single track breaks the 4 minutes barrier. Short and most definitely sweet. At the same time though, the lack of length in tracks is possibly its only downfall also, but it is something we are more than willing to let slide. In parts, they keep reminding us of Flayed Disciple, and that is a huge tick in the box. If you’re a fan of them, then this album is a must buy. Hopefully we can catch Repulsive Vision on the road soon, with a decent sized crowd, where we can all Look Past the Gore and See the Art together.






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