REVIEW! L'homme Absurde - Monsters

December 14, 2016

We've been finding some really cool bands who are just at the beginning of their journeys as of late and seeing as it's the time of giving we thought we would share yet another great released by Black Metal/Black-gaze band L'homme Absurde.


Their debut album 'Monsters' does a great job at fusing gaze like rock with a raw black metal sound and solid song writing to boot which all begins with what we would call a more traditional black metal sounding track entitled "sold" which at times feels like a throwback to early Darkthrone as well as showcasing their shades of Satyricon with its main guitar line. It's a good energetic introduction to the record. 'Villains' enters the mix with even more ferocity as well as adding speed into things. Those with a tendency towards the more extreme black metal will like these tracks.


The band could have kept the momentum going with the third track 'apathy' but instead decide to opt to slow things down with the gaze part of the genre now being introduced. Clean guitars take up the first two minutes before we are introduced into the terrorizing energy we've seen previously which all climaxes well. The track 'disillusion' is similar in the sense that it keeps building and building to a big ending which is then brought down a notch to a clean finish that feels almost anticlimactic and not needed but given the quality of what came before, all is forgiven.

Had you come into the track ‘wanderer’ before any of the material beforehand, you'd probably think this was a very different album. The “gaze” is back once more but not for long as that vicious black metal is back as if from nowhere and completely unexpected. If there's one thing this record is good at, it's keeping the listener on its toes at all time even if it can feel a little disjointed at times. ‘Strayed’ is thunderous as chugging guitars and pounding drums introduce what ends up being quite a brutal two minutes. The blast beats, raspy vocals and shredding guitars is fast becoming what this band should be recognized for especially in the extreme metal space.


Closing the record, two tracks in particular. ‘Escapist’ which doesn’t fall short at all. Well written with the extreme parts of the song flowing well with the other parts its over all too quickly. ‘Wires’ however gives us one final taste of this bands exceptional Black Metal moments that we have seen many of since we pressed that play button. It’s a solid end to say the least.


Overall this is certainly not a bad debut from a band who are still growing. There are moments that cater to the extreme black metal crowd perfectly that are so good those fans may be able to get around the less extreme parts of the record. The production is good especially for the genre but could do with the value of a real drummer to add some dynamics to the mix.


We are excited to hear more and to see where L'homme Absurd go from here.


'Monsters' is available now at


The album is also available on Spotify




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