LIVE REVIEW! The Cure, Wembley Arena London

December 14, 2016

Well, its Monday today and its pretty blue. Tomorrow will probably be grey and Wednesday will be too no doubt. Thursday…well, Thursday we are going to go see the mighty Clutch in London so Thursday will be pretty awesome and that’s just what we need after an epic comedown of biblical proportions after seeing one of the greatest bands to ever walk the earth.


The Cure, still going strong after all these years did the unthinkable (ok, its not that unthinkable) and played a whopping THREE shows in London’s Wembley arena. Just think about that for a second. Three days in a row. The Cure. We were fortunate enough to bag ourselves a ticket to the Friday night show and what an event it was. Lets just say that the set list was practically an all time greatest hits set list and there was not one person in that building standing still. If you are a diehard cure fan, this show was for you and hopefully you were there!


One of the things that stood out massively for the band were its production. And my god what a production it was. The lights, the screens all of which were immense the whole way through and it all started in the best way possible. ‘Plainsong’, ‘Pictures Of You’ & ‘Closedown’ are an absolute epic of an opener. Big screens with teardrops streaming and the lights which turn the arena into a room of pure grandeur. Of course this is just the beginning of what is almost three hours of the greatest band that ever walked the earth.



The setlist contains some serious hits as we mentioned before. ‘Fascination Street’, In Between Days’ & ‘A Night Like This’ all make fairly early appearances to the huge sound of ovation proving that tonight is a night for both the die hards and the casual fans alike. ‘Lovesong’, ‘Just like Heaven’ & ‘Disintegration’ are in the latter part of the first set. Its at this point that the Friday night beers are flowing. More people are dancing without a care in the world and the singing is almost drowning out the man himself Robert Smith who is a man of very few words as the band continue to pile in as many songs as humanly possible. They absolutely succeed as they enter the first of three encores.


The first encore consists of three songs ‘want’, The Hungry Ghost’ and one of our personal favourites from the Wish album ‘From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea’ and whilst there is plenty more to come, there doesn’t seem to be any sign that the fans in the building have had enough which is good because the second encore is truly something remarkable.


In 1980, The Cure released their second album ‘seventeen Seconds’, an album considered by many to be one of, if not the best in the bands back catalogue. The second encore was introduced by Robert Smith as the “Seventeen seconds bit” which was met with huge cheers as the band make their way through four of the standout tracks from the album including ending the section of the set with ‘A Forest’ which may feel like an obvious choice but it doesn’t make it any less incredible especially with the big screens and their ominous forest projections in the background. The production work here working overtime once more to give the fans an incredible experience. And thus ends the penultimate encore.


Its at this point the fans are making themselves heard. Feet are stomping on the floor of which a thick rumble amongst the cheers emanates from the thousands still here and still entertained. Its at this point the minute wait feels like forever and nervous anticipation fills the air as people are wandering if they will play their favourite song.

Of course the answer to such a question is a resounding yes as the third and final encore kicks into gear and we don’t think they could end it any better if they tried. Spider webs and green light fill the stage screens as ‘Lullaby’ begins and its met with the biggest cheers of the night. At the conclusion of ‘Friday I’m In Love’ Robert Smith expresses how much cooler it is to play the song on a Friday and the biggest sing-alongs ensue throughout ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ & ‘Close To Me’.


Just when we think its all over after the conclusion of ‘Why Can I Be You’, a song the band frequently ends their shows with, a quick discussion on stage may indicate they have a few more minutes left to fill. The fans get a special treat of to more songs which end with ‘Killing An Arab’.


Its really easy to sit here and talk about all of the shows we have been to this year and how amazing they all were. But we don’t think anything will match the experience of this night. The Cure, all these years later sound so good in the live environment and without a doubt are unmatched in their ability to put on a great show.


To The Cure: Thank You. For Everything.



  • Plainsong 


  • Pictures of You 


  • Closedown 


  • Burn 


  • Fascination Street 


  • Push 


  • In Between Days 


  • Other Voices 


  • A Night Like This 


  • Charlotte Sometimes 


  • Lovesong 


  • Just Like Heaven 


  • Last Dance 


  • Prayers for Rain 


  • Disintegration 



  • Want 


  • The Hungry Ghost 


  • From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea 


Encore 2:

  • At Night 


  • M 


  • Play for Today 


  • A Forest 


Encore 3:

  • Lullaby 


  • The Walk 


  • Friday I'm in Love 


  • Doing the Unstuck 


  • Boys Don't Cry 


  • Close to Me 


  • Why Can't I Be You? 


  • 10:15 Saturday Night 


  • Killing an Arab


A massive special thanks to Naomi Dryden-Smith for the photos. Please be sure to check out her awesome shots from this show and many many more right here! Head over to her Facebook page also and show her some love.




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