REVIEW! Sibiir- Sibiir

December 7, 2016

It wasn’t too long ago when Sibiir first surfaced. 2014 in fact. Unleashing their vicious hardcore-esque sound that infused other genres quite nicely. Their initial 7” release garnered the attention of many and put them on the “one to watch” list.


Fast-forward to 2016 and the band provide everyone with a Christmas gift in the form of a self titled musical treat. It 10 disgustingly pissed off tracks not for the faint-hearted and quite frankly its refreshing to hear some metal that isn’t trying to fit in. Its simply doing its own thing and it works wonderfully.


Things start with tremendous energy and aggression with the opening track ‘Bekmörke’. Distorted drums introduce things right before the meat and potatoes of the song kicks in. Its almost a little black metal at the beginning but its doesn’t take long for that crusty hardcore sound to kick in nicely. Like the album as a whole, this showcases the mix of sounds perfectly early on and is a sign of things to come for the listener. Its fast, its slow and damn heavy in places. A perfect start to things some might say.


‘These Rats We Deny’ offers the listener ample opportunity to headbang like crazy with one of the coolest and meatiest riffs so far. The vocals are also carrying the track nicely which are now sounding more pissed off than ever. The Spiral gives of a darker feel and continues to slow things down just that little more. It gives of an evil sounding vibe which paints a wonderful audio picture of dark and despair which adds to the feel of the album nicely. Its at this point with the third song into the album you really start to get and idea of what Sibiir are brining to the table and its fucking wonderful. It really is.

There is another moment of heavy genre blending once more ‘Silence Of The Seagulls’ it has everything and whilst the title of the track stands out compared to all the others, this is a metal as it gets on the album with the main riff giving off a vibe as if it were inspired by Mastodon. Its at this point in most records we could skip and start the next track but no, we are still here and we are still interested.


Blastbeats and a Black Metal vibe fill the air with ‘Guillotines’ which shreds its way into gear immediately. The tempo has picked up once more with a melodic vibe, almost reminiscent of the Norwegian/Swedish melodeath scene which hasn’t been good in many years and could so with a band like Sibiir right now.


At the half way point of the record and we are waiting for the U turn which we see all too many times where the first half is far superior to the second, fortunately for us, we don’t get that turn as things continue upon their path of destruction with a track entitled ‘Beat Them To Death’. Lets just start of by saying that this track sounds exactly like you’d expect it to given the title. It’s the meatiest and angriest track on the album so far and its probably as pissed off as it gets with its short and sharp attack on the listener, its over just as quick as it begun.

Nearing the end, Tracks ‘Apathetic’ and ‘White Noise’ end up being two of the stand out tracks for us. Its rare you get to feel like this towards the end of a record especially when so many have so much filler on the later tracks. It feels as if Sibiir have done the complete opposite and saved the best until last. Shaded of melodic death, especially in the guitar work, to straight up metal and hardcore all blended together. Its hard not to be banging your head. Even a light head nod is unavoidable.


We wont lie. We knew nothing about the band going into this and its very hard not to feel like we haven’t struck gold as we get to the final two tracks. ‘Erase & Adapt’ keeps the genre blend going right until the bitter end and ‘ICYCSD’ ends things on a disgustingly evil, heavy sounding note. It really is the perfect end to a perfect storm.


This record is seriously good. If there’s one thing we have seen in the past, its that blending so many sounds into one band is dangerous and most of the time it just doesn’t work. Sibiir is a band who have nailed it. You simply can’t deny it and we wont. Our job now is to tell as many people about it as possible and we promise, when you hear it, you will want to as well.


Sibiir release their new album on the 14th December through Fysisk Format.








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