LIVE REVIEW! Alter Bridge, Volbeat & Gojira - O2 Arena, London

December 1, 2016

For some of these bands, it’s a day filled with anticipation and excitement of playing one of the worlds most prestigious venues. For others, they’ll probably be more than used to playing such venues. Tonight’s line-up consists of some variety as Alter Bridge perform a headlining show with its interesting choice of support acts that is sure to bring a variety of people out.


It all begins with Like A Storm. A band described as New Zealand “didgeridoo metal”. Don’t worry though, its not as crazy as it sounds. Yes, there is a didgeridoo but its only used sporadically throughout the songs. We were hoping for one guy and his didgeridoo rocking out for the whole set but we had no such luck. The band did a good job of opening the show. They’re not really terribly new or exciting as such, but there were certainly fans in the crowd making themselves heard whilst others were either sold or not. A good way to warm up those in the arena tonight even if it was far from capacity so early on.


One of the biggest travesties of the night however come in the form of the second band to hit the stage. Sticking out like a sore thumb and playing so low down on the bill, the horrified looks in the crowed as their faces are slowly melted by the ridiculous heaviness of Gojira on the big stage. The crowd were clearly not prepared for this, small groups of fans aside who were here for their French metal heroes. Fans, or lack of aside, the band are nothing short of stunning. For those who know Gojira its not a surprise. It’s a band that always deliver. Their sonic attack is ferocious and crushing from start to finish and definitely not one for the fans of Alter Bridge. Its safe to say that the band could have played it safe with more of the softer songs in the set but obviously opted not to and gave everyone in the arena the full Gojira experience. ‘Toxic Garbage Island’ opened the set and kicks things off with a bang and there’s definitely no time for rest as ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’ continues the relentless attack.  It’s a relatively short set but that doesn’t stop Gojira doing what they do and tonight, they do it perfectly well. For us here at they were without a doubt the band of the night.

It almost feels as if the bar has been set far too high when it comes to sheer energy when Volbeat take to the stage. Its not their fault. Gojira are one of those hard bands to follow with their stage show and music being what it is, any band could struggle to keep the momentum at that bar but if one thing is for sure, Volbeat give it a good shot. Their rock fills the arena and returns the crowd to their former happy place which is made evident by the Johnny Cash sing-a-long that ensues. Its no frills rock and roll that gets the crowd moving and singing and for that you can’t fault it as it definitely caters for 90% of the audience in attendance.


If one thing is a certainty about tonight, its that these fans aren’t really here for Like A Storm or Volbeat. They definitely aren’t here for Gojira (sadly). They this is a room of Alter Bridge fans. These fans have the O2 arena near to capacity for a whopping 17 song set. Huge sing-alongs, girls in the crowd crying and reaching for their beloved Myles Kennedy who they’d probably marry in an instant whilst clutching on to their love heart picture frame. The budding guitarists in the crowd are drooling over Tremonti and his guitar work meanwhile collectively the band bust out hits including ‘Ghosts Of Days Gone By’ ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Show Me A Leader’ which is one of two songs in their encore which closes things with ‘Rise Today’. Its popular accessible rock for the masses which does a good job at getting people to sing and whilst it is clearly a massive success for the band and all of those in attendance, you cant help but feel a lack of those heart pounding, adrenaline fuelled energetic moments that we know and love at live shows.




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