LIVE REVIEW! Opeth Wembley Arena, London

November 22, 2016

It's great to feel the crisp November coldness in the air as we make our way past the iconic Wembley stadium and over to its little sister, Wembley Arena for what has been penned to be an evening of sorcery, damnation and deliverance and all part of an evening spent with none other than progressive metal legends Opeth. 12 albums into the bands career and the throngs of people prove that all these years later people are still very much into the band as they ever were.


Although the special set from Opeth tonight is worth the price of admission alone, unlike most other "evening with..." Shows, we've been spoiled tonight with the special guests. Who are those special guests? Well none other than Anathema. Their progressive and at times doomy metal fills the arena air even if the fans don't at this moment in time. Of course those that are there to witness such a majestic display of musical beauty are in awe as our special guests play trough a special set that includes tracks such as ‘Thin Air’, ‘A Natural Disaster’ & ‘Springfield’ (which they ultimately close the set with. We couldn’t think of anyone better right now to open such a show. This was perfect in many ways from the choice of special guest, to the setlist and its performance.

A whopping two sets of Opeth where we see all kinds of antics from head bangers during the sets heavier moments to ballroom dancers! From a set list perspective, whilst the show was marketed as a night of Sorcery, Damnation & Deliverance, there’s a decent amount of material represented from the bands other works making it a a pretty spectacular 'greatest hits' show that should appease the fans nicely especially seeing as 9 of their albums were represented in one night with ‘Damnation’ taking the lead. Because of this, the performance goes from musical beauty with electricity filling the air to the absolutely devastation of their crushingly heavy moments. It’s a great mix that caters for everyone even if the die hard metal fan in the crowd expected a couple of hours of moshing.

Another great moment from the show must be mentioned. The bands lighting rig brought out a real visual element to the show and was an absolute treat to watch. Its not often band get to use such an intricate set up of lights, but the colors and the way they were used only added to the sheer epic views from within the arena that are only seen at an Opeth show.




  1. Sorceress

  2. Ghost Of Perdition

  3. Demon Of The Fall

  4. The Wilde Flowers

  5. Face Of Melinda

  6. Cusp Of Eternity

  7. The Drapery Falls

  8. Heir Apparent

  9. The Grand Conjuration


  1. Windowpane

  2. Death Whispered A Lullaby

  3. In my Time Of Need

  4. Closure

  5. Masters Apprentices

  6. The Pain I See In Others

  7. Deliverance








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