REVIEW! Superjoint – Caught Up In the Gears of Application

November 21, 2016

When Superjoint Ritual came about, it came with an aggression we can only imagine a honey badger with rabies would muster. ‘Use Once and Destroy’ was quickly followed by ‘A Lethal Dose of American Hatred’. A much younger me hoped they were around for the long run, but life seemed to have other plans, and by 2004 the band was put to bed. Fast forward to 2014, and the band announced a reunion as a live band before finally, we get the treat some of us have been wondering may never come, a new release.


‘Caught Up In the Gears of Application’ is the 11 track demonic beast they have unleashed on the world, it follows closely to the styling of Phil Anselmo and the Illegals more than it does Down, and that is something that is refreshing, it does seem to lack a little of the bite and aggression I was expecting, lending itself to more of a hardcore and even punk vibe in parts, none the less there is plenty of heavy hitters through the album. The quality of the production is pure filth, pristine yet crass, it may put some off but it lends that layer of perfection that this southern monster of a band deserves, something Anselmo and his Housecore Records have perfected.

Without wanting to go into track by track, this is an album that throws enough hard punches to knock out the biggest of giants, close to 40 minutes of noise that you want cranked up hard. There is no filler in this album, it runs fast and hard from start to end, and as enjoyable as it is the first few times, there isn’t anything particular that really stands out and grabs you by the balls, as such you probably won’t being sticking this album on repeat for too long. What the album does give you though is enough give us just enough of a mouthful to chew on before we hopefully get the pleasure (or displeasure if you will) of some live UK shows, the album is good, but they sound like they are written for the stage rather than the studio...Here’s hoping at least.




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