INTERVIEW! Downfall of Gaia Talk New Album, Festivals & More!

November 8, 2016

With the release of their new album quickly approaching, we were fortunate enough to catchup with Dominik Goncalves dos Reis, Vocalist and guitarist for Germanys very own Downfall Of Gaia to talk briefly on the new album, festivals and live music in general. First and foremost, we just heard the new album and all we can say is WOW. You guys have really hit the ball out of the park! In a year with some incredible new music, you guys are up there with the best of them!


Dominik: Thank you very much for the kind words! That's great to hear! Glad you guys like it! Tell us a little bit about the making of Atrophy? The thought process, the themes covered in the songs. For those new to the band what can they expect?


Dominik: Atrophy is a concept record about the constant dialogue between life and death in which each and everyone is caught day by day. It is questioning life itself and its happenings. Since a release is always influenced by thoughts and stories of your own, it just made sense to walk a conceptual path like this one. A lot of stuff happened in the recent months so it felt right to write down these words. Musically we wanted to take a straighter and more melodic direction as before which turned out pretty well. For us, the title track Atrophy was our favorite from the album, what's yours and why?


Dominik: I would go for 'Ephemerol'. It is the most interesting one to play. Very dynamic, a lot of ups and downs. But we haven't played any of those songs live yet. So maybe my opinion will change. How do you guys feel you've progressed since 2010s "epos"? If you had to describe Downfall Of Gaia’s transition from that album to Atrophy, how would it go?


Dominik: Our sound definitely developed a lot over the years. Songs became longer and way more complex. The whole thing became more atmospheric and intense. Influenced by a lot of stuff over the years the sound just grew and became what it is nowadays. Compared to Atrophy the sound on Epos was way more sludgy and crusty. It's a big big musical world out there at the moment with some seriously good music from all kinds of bands, some might even say it's quite an oversaturated market, how have the band dealt with that? Does it change the way you dive into making an album like atrophy?


Dominik: I wouldn't say that it changed the way of making a record but there is definitely a difference. Things became more difficult. We are living in a fast moving time, there is music around every corner and it is getting harder and harder for younger bands to survive out there. Whilst we're on the subject, lots of great music about especially this year, what are you guys digging at the moment? Who's on the playlists?


Dominik: My personal favorite of 2016 is the new record from Coldworld Autumn“. Truly a masterpiece! Besides that, I’m really digging the new Alcest. Glad they returned to their roots and things are sounding a little bit more 'oldschool' again. New releases from Russian Circles, Drangsal, Dark Funeral are also on the playlist. Probably forgot to mention a few like always. You played the amazing Summer Breeze this year, how was that? Did you get any time to check out the festival and its bands yourself as fans?


Dominik: Summer Breeze was perfect! Super crowded, great energy, people were into it. We had a great time! We arrived late so didn’t get to check out any bands. It was the first day of our tour and we played around 10pm and unfortunately after our set the festival day was almost done. We also had to leave the next morning pretty early. Talk to is about your live shows. We are all about live music so if you I'd to describe your live show to someone who's never seen it, how would the story go?


Energetic, sweaty, intense, strobes, fog Any particular shows this year that you have fond memories of?


Dominik: Every show has its own charm but there was Amplifest in Portugal.  One of our favorite festivals around. The line up, the organization, the people – it was perfect! We already played that one a few years ago which was amazing. We didn't expect anything else for 2016. It was a fantastic night! If the band could tour with anyone right now, who would it be and why?


Dominik: I guess everyone of us would choose differently but for me it would be Agalloch. It would be great to have them back. They are my all time favorite band. But since there is no more Agalloch I would go for Wolves In The Throne Room.  Glad they are back on the road. Huge inspiration since years As always, we like to ask what next year has in store for you guys? Any big things in the works you can hint towards?


Dominik: We are working on some tours right now. We can't announce now but we will try to stay busy in 2017!


The new album from Downfall Of Gaia 'Atrophy' is out on 11th November through Metal Blade Records

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