LIVE REVIEW! Amon Amarth & Testament, The Roundhouse London

November 7, 2016

Its been a while since we visited London’s renowned Roundhouse venue for a show. In fact, the last time we did, it was a very special “Evening with Machine Head” show. It’s a venue that, for us, has become synonymous with those extra special shows, the ones that give you that feeling that you’re about to see something extraordinary. Tonight’s no exception with a mammoth of a show that brings some ridiculously good bands to the stage. There’s not one band on this bill that doesn’t deserve to be playing in such a venue in what is a packed crowd who aren’t afraid to get a little rowdy on a Friday night and what better way to get things started than to welcome who are still touring in support of this years ‘Sword Songs’ that was released back in May.

It's been a while since we've seen Grand Magus live and up close with one of the last times being at a Bloodstock Festival many moons ago, needless to say there's

been an evolution in their anthemic sound that is electric live and gets the bodies moving with ease as well as provoking the fans to shout "we love you" between each song. Front man Janne "JB" Christoffersson asks how the London crowd is doing on this cold evening and the reaction is less than disappointing which is placed well against a great live show in return. It's clear they have a great following at the moment with plenty arriving early to catch the band proving that if you are great, it really wont matter what time the doors open.


Fresh off of the release of their new album 'Brotherhood Of The Snake', Testament waste no time in taking to the stage to show off their new material and make a statement that they are still here and they can still thrash with the best of them. At times it feels like they're quite literally tearing The Roundhouse to bits. The new album starts things off with the band opening with the self titled track that creates one of the biggest explosions of energy you’ll see tonight and the band are sounding as big and as monstrous than ever with the new music including ‘The Pale King’ & ‘Stronghold’ that translates well live and with ease like a buzz saw through timber and it feels as if it's over as soon as it began. Time flies when you're having fun and we don’t think there was a single person at this point not having any! Welcome back Testament!

Much to the dismay of the fans in attendance, we don't get the pleasure of a giant Viking ship on stage tonight. That being said we are still given a visual treat of a giant Viking helmet instead. Cheesy? Perhaps but its far too cool to care about it! Judging from the display of crowd surfers who keep the photographers

in the photo pit on their toes, the punters are happy! Nothing takes away from the performance the band put on tonight with a monster of a set list starting with ‘The Pursuit Of Vikings’ and ending with the bands well known and loved ‘Twilight Of The Thundergods as the second encore and the conclusion of the best show we've personally seen from the band. It must be the Friday night in London effect! Oh and maybe the Vikings battling on the stage had something to do with it too. All around a fantastic show that is surely to be remembered by those in attendance for quite some time. For those who could not be there, There’s always bloodstock Festival 2017!


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