REVIEW! Krobak - Nightbound

November 6, 2016

Krobak are a four piece from the Ukraine that make some gorgeous post rock. This release is the first written by the entire band and not just solely by guitarist, Igor. Collectively, they don't disappoint.


The time of year has come where the fog lays more often, the last of the leaves are falling and daylight is ever shortening. Krobak’s ‘Nightbound’ is going to be the soundtrack to this time of year for you and you'll wish seasons never had to change.


They have a far barer bones production behind them compared to their previous polished release. It's a lovely touch that gives the album it's density. ‘Stringer Bell’ leads with a delicate and simple melody on the guitar, with gradual additions of violin and saxophone that slowly build over repetition. This can appear to be a post rock cliche, but the mixture of instruments that take the lead in the crescendo along with slightly more distorted guitars make this really standout.

‘No Pressure, The Choice Is Yours’ feels like an interlude amongst the three lengthier tracks. More of the distorted guitar works with some brief quirky and melodic bends. It gives some of the more eerie touches on the album.


The eerieness is brought back at the end of ‘So Quietly Falls The Night’ too; after a delicate guitar echoes and builds to then bring the serene violin to the forefront of the reflective mood that has you not gripped, but in a relaxed state of melancholy.


‘Marching For The Freedom We Have Lost’ beautifully closes the preceding’s with a similar, but more sombre tone to the opening track. The melody repeating itself over and over with subtle changes in the instrumentals, to then break and fade over a few minutes as if succumbing to the mood that's taken charge.

‘Nightbound’ will take you through your autumnal dreams. Beautiful and haunting; you'll listen over and over so that you never wake up.


For fans of Mono, Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Yndi Halda. ‘Nightbound’ is out now on Bandcamp.




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