INTERVIEW! Raging Speedhorn At HRH:DVS

November 3, 2016


Its been an intense year for Raging Speedhorn with the release of the new album 'Lost Ritual' and the copious amounts of touring that shortly came after. The band making a return after some time away have come back bigger and better than before with the fans welcoming them back with arms wide open.


We caught up with the band shortly after their show at this years first (and might we add successful) edition of Hard Rock Hell: Doom Vs Stoner that took place last month at the O2 Academy in Sheffield. Congratulations on an incredible show this weekend, Speedhorn are sounding bigger and better than ever, how was the experience for you guys? Raise your hand if you actually had work the following morning!


Jamie Thompson (Guitars) - Cheers! I think most of us had work the next morning, we really need to buck our ideas up and sell more records so we can live a life of luxury in gold plated mansions rather than having to do a proper job! (laughs) So considering we just came off of the inaugural HRH:Doom Vs Stoner show, who won? Doom? Or Stoner? It's a tough one! What do you think?


JT - Ha, well I probably shouldn't say this but I find it all pretty boring! I'm going to go with cock rock instead. The Revival Music is very heavily geared towards the live music scene more than anything else, tours, festivals, you name it. With that in mind, what's been your favourite tour/festival moment so far as a band?


JT - We've had a few bangers already, but Bloodstock was my favourite. great gig and they know how to put on an awesome festival there. Are there incredibly crazy and out of this world Speedhorn stories from the road you think we'd like to know about?


JT - Literally none that I could possibly tell you, unless you want to us to end up divorced and homeless! And possibly in jail. It was quite a significant amount of time in between your last album and Lost Ritual, how did the fans react to the comeback shows?


JT - Really great, so great that it surprised us to be honest. We wouldn't be able to do this if it wasn't for them so yeah, thanks! Any favourite locations to play as a band? Perhaps a city/country that goes a special kind of crazy?


JT - We always seem to do great in Manchester, that's normally pretty wild. That and our sound engineers pub that we like to demolish now and again, just for fun. Favourite band to tour with or If you could tour with any band, who would it be and why?


JT - We've got loads of bands we enjoy touring with, everyone's special in their own little way, if only for letting us share their rider. I'm waiting to get the call for the reformed Zeppelin tour personally. As a band, touring and playing show after show, you’ve probably seen a lot of other bands doing their thing along the way. Who should the readers watch out for? Who have you enjoyed seeing live lately?


JT - We're currently out with Skindred and they put on a seriously great show. I urge people to check them out, even if you're not a massive fan of the music, they'll blow you away. What’s next for RSH? What can we expect in 2017 and beyond now that we are drawing to the end of this year?


JT - We've got some seriously special shows in the new year coming up, unfortunately I can't tell you yet! Hopefully we'll be able to get out to Europe finally, that'd be grand.


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