REVIEW! Wolves Carry My Name – Black Earth Tongue

October 28, 2016

Its fast approaching 4am in the morning. You’re not tired, nothing will get you to sleep and you’re destined for a day full of caffeine and bags under your eyes. It’s a lost cause. You might as well get something out of it right? Well, its no secret, we LOVE finding new music, its what makes us tick and boy, did we find something.


Wolves Carry My Name, ever heard of them? No? Well you you’ll wish you did when you hear their latest offering entitled ‘Black Earth Tongue’ especially for those of you who like it slow and heavy. The opener to this album ‘Teeth Black As Coffin Nails’ is ridiculously heavy. It’s a huge gargantuan of a track that will have you banging your head as soon as the thumping drum intro ends and the heavy heavy riff kicks in. Its utterly monstrous and we love it. In fact, we’ve played it three times already.  ‘Iron Waves’ is a track that sounds as if it’s introducing some kind of war on the battlefield. Drums seem to be a big part of the bands sound and its heavy thumping sounds great.


‘Six Swords’ slows things down for a moment with that beefy guitar tone back again which move slowly into more of a groove filled track that would make the likes of Down and Crowbar proud. While ‘Ghost Limb’ keeps momentum going in a place where most albums would start to induce boredom. This however does not. The bass and those damn drums working well again together to create something for those who like their metal sludgier than most.


‘Wormwoods’ is a nice change of pace and starts off like you’d least expect right before deep drums introduce the meat and potatoes of the track which is carried more here by the vocals. The album concludes however on an interesting note, first with the track ‘Morast’ which has one of the coolest riffs so far along with a leading bass tone sure to appease those types who like it low.  ‘Tamam Shud’ is an instrumental piece which almost feels like a moment in which the listener can cool down after being repeatedly hammered by some of the heavy riffs in this album. It could be a track skipped my most considering the quality of what came before but it’s a nice touch to the end of what is a great, great album. 


"Black Earth Tongue" by Wolves Carry My Name. Available as CD, digital download and limited tape here:




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