LIVE REVIEW! Weedeater, The Underworld London

October 20, 2016

Another day, another show at London Underworld where Nightshift promotions continue to make it ridiculously easy to hand over hard earned pennies in return for night of decent bands. Tonight’s bands come in the form of the hard and heavy in front of what feels like almost a sellout crowd that really doesn’t take long to get rowdy


Conjurer are the ones to open up with a wall of noise with that will quite literally rip you limb from limb and it's oh so pissed off sounding just the way we like it. But holy hell, these are the guys to open the show?! The other bands at this point will need to pull something out of the bag because conjurer just set the bar way high for the night. They know it, the crowd knows it, everybody knows it.  The bassist personally says sorry for the people he accidentally hit with his bass guitar as he was having a set long moment of going bat shit crazy. Rest in pieces Underworld. You've just been served one big old pissed off sounding plate of fuck you and Conjurer were the ones that served it.  

We've got no problem saying we knew very little about Apey & the Pea before walking into this show, but we definitely walked out knowing a whole lot more as well as asking ourselves, Are Apey & the Pea Hungary’s best kept sludgy secret? Quite possibly! The band have no issues getting into the thick of it all being so far away from home and the fans have no issue getting a little cray cray on a Wednesday! And in all fairness who wouldn't? If you saw this live, you would too! This is one of those bands to keep a huge eye on because we expect big things coming soon!  

This is the third time this year we have featured Slabdragger as part of a live review! If you don't know the sorry already, you probably never will! Needless to say the band are still making heads bang and are sludgier and more confident than ever. It's been an important year for the band with some important shows including Hard Rock Hell earlier on this month but they're by no means dragging their feet as they plough through a set with relative ease whilst the crowd reciprocates with some of the loudest cheers and some of the most banging heads of the night which is a tough thing to achieve given what the two bands before brought to the stage.

Planting the drummer smack bang in the middle of the stage with the other band mates either side Weedeater pretty much crush everything in sight and leave nothing remaining. Shortly before the carnage begins, vocalist Dave Collins swigs from a bottle of Jim beam as if it was his favorite soda and the smell of a certain substance fills the air. It really only takes about 30 seconds into the first song for anyone who isn’t planning on throwing themselves about to get manhandled to the back for the crowd. Hair is flying everywhere, bodies are bumping into eachother and the band on stage are giving 110%. Its quite literally booze and sweat filled frenzy on and off the stage and its at this point you really know the kings are back in town.


 All photos by JPR Photography




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