LIVE REVIEW! Rob Zombie, Kentish Town Forum London

October 19, 2016

There's a buzz in the air as you make your way to the Kentish Town Forum in Lodnon. The pub next door has its usual pre gig crowd that spills out onto the street to adequately block the way for passers by, the sound of touts everywhere trying to make a buck and Rob Zombie fans eating their weight in the finest kebab meats the area has to offer.


A mere two acts are tonight's entertainment as a sea of Rob/White Zombie t-shirts fill the room which is at

sold out capacity. The opening act is actually DJ Gingerfish who kicks things off with...well...not much in all fairness. Dressed in black robes and a mask Our mate “ginge” proceeds to play tracks from all eras all whilst dancing like a maniac in between each drop. It's light hearted fun in a bid to ramp up a crowd that probably won't need any friendly nudges. What we got instead was a pretty packed crowd looking as if they're not quite sure what they're supposed to be doing. It's Monday and there’s a feeling that the crowd were all not quite drunk enough for this


Rob Zombie is of course the night’s main attraction and you can tell with the sea of t shirts flooding the sold out venue for the one off special show the performance consisted of a killer light setup providing the fans with a visual treat that only added to the interesting wardrobe choices being displayed by band members. Ex Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5 makes is way to to the stage with a guitar that lights up as well as a mouth piece that’s doing the same. The place is turned into a party and the signature zombie jumpy rock that makes the floor bounce is alive and well. It's a stark contrast when compared to the DJ Gingerfish crowd who simply were not interested.


"Are you high London" zombie screams as he tells the crowd not to be afraid because he's high too right before ‘Demonoid Phenomenon’ kicks in for some jumping and fist pumping fun. For those looking for a bit more of a nostalgia trip, fans of White Zombie can be satisfied also as the fan favorites are well represented with ‘More Human Than Human’ and ‘Thunder Kiss 65’ also making the set list and eliciting a huge response as expected.


The show ends with two encores that have the tracks you’d expect with Rob & co saving the best until last. ‘Dragula’ gets one of the biggest crowd responses of the night with ‘Sick Bubble Gum’ ending the night with every mother****er in the forum rocking indeed.








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