LIVE! SubRosa & Darkher, The Underworld London

October 18, 2016


Back at the underworld and something wonderfully mysterious is brewing. You can feel it in the air as people make their way into the venue for something a little different. Women in metal are well represented tonight and so they should be as threw of the four bands are boasting female musicians who prove that they can deliver just as big as the dudes and oh boy did they deliver.


With SÜMER kicking things off, they introduce their set with “Introspect” the opening piece of music from their 2014 release “The Animal You Are” and its is brew of perfect peace and tranquility with essence of darkness and it’s a perfect start to what the night will be. The band themselves have an interesting mix of progressiveness but don’t fail to deliver on the heavier aspect live with moments of chunky heaviness sure to get even the pickiest of music fans nodding their heads.


Bulgarian brutes Smallman were the surprise of the night for us. A band that were a new one on us they did not disappoint. Its always an interesting thing to see a band bring more than just guitars and drums. With various other instruments on stage such as a flute and bag pipes, you start to wonder what the band are bringing to the table. It only really takes a moment for us to realize. Its an eclectic mix that at times sound like its come straight from the middle east right before some seriously heavy riffage. Vocalist Cvetan Hadzhiyski brings character to the stage with body language that looks as if the music is flowing straight through him and at times looks out of this world.  Sometimes a band comes along that you’ve never heard of and they just tick all the right boxes with their live performance. This was one of those performances. Go and see this band live!


One of the main attractions of the night and we are very lucky because after this show the Darkher were struck by illness and had to cancel some performances and what a disappointment it would have been because this performance was nothing short of majestic. It was dark, it was haunting but yet beautiful all at the same time. The great thing about Darkher is that they cam on stage and let the music do the talking for them. No gimmicks, so constant need to talk between each song, just great live music from a great live band from start to finish. If we had to complain about one thing though, it would be that the set was simply not long enough!


After three incredible bands putting on even better performances, its time for the main event. SubRosa are nothing more than exceptional. The performance was really something out of this world. The band have this ability to conjure some crazy heavy sounding moments that feel as if they come straight from the depths of hell and yet can still go the complete polar opposite with moments of musical beauty and whilst its one thing on record, it translates perfectly live. The performance makes you feel as if their music was born to be played in this live environment. The band fill the stage nicely, guitars, drums, bass and violins are all represented well and it’s a visual treat to see the violinists rocking out during those heavier moments too. If you’re yet to be convinced by SubRosa, go see them live, you’ll quickly change your mind.





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