REVIEW! Ultar - Kadath

October 7, 2016

There’s a question we have to ask ourselves upon listening to the debut release by Ultar. And its this; What did we do so right in life to deserve such a record?


On a day where people are spending their time praising a certain thrash album that is celebrating its 30th birthday, we spent some time celebrating some of the “new” that’s out there at the moment and to our surprise, we came across this incredible album entitled ‘Kadath” and it took us away from the monotony of daily life for just a moment. Before this moment, we didn’t know much about Ultar at all. By the end of the record, we knew everything we needed to.


So what’s the best way to describe this debut from Siberian metallers Ultar. Well many words can be used. Beautiful, serene, chaotic, sullen, aggressive are to name a few for this debut release has these moments sufficiently represented throughout. Its an album that starts as if its here to make a statement and continues right through to the very end without a moment of ease and it all feels completely effortless. Its rare that a record comes along and impresses so easily right from the word go. This is definitely one of them.


The record opens up with ‘Nyarlathotep’ which is our first true taste of the journey we are about to embark upon. It begins with a moment of darkness before blast beats and guitars rip through you and just like that, we are hooked. It’s a whopping ten-minute track of epic proportions and throughout you feel a multitude of emotions through the music.


‘Azathoth’ gives a moment of calm to the listener before being roped right back in. There’s ambience, acoustic guitar and in a way this almost feels like a Negura Bunget track (that’s a good thing!) Before we know it the ambience has cleared like and the dark storms proceed to kick things up a notch to bring the harsh and wonderfully moody and melodic darkness straight through our speakers.


‘Shores Of The Sleeping Seas’ sounds exactly as you’d imagine it would. Peaceful yet disquieting sounds of the sea and birds signing are the track here for the next couple of minutes and feed right into the terrifying sounds of ‘Xasthur’ which is a balls to the wall black metal track that really does not let up. It doesn’t take too long for more of the atmospheric song writing to kick in and its at this point you really start to understand the band and its sound.


The sound of drums rolling in ‘The Ancient Ones’ is the piece that feeds us into the beginning of the end which see’s the band close things off in a huge way with the title track ‘Kadath’. Its pure noisy chaos at this point and its making a statement and it is one of the standout pieces on the record. It grabs hold of you and it simply will not let go.


Overall this debut album deserves to reach as many ears as possible. Fans of a more Avant-garde black metal sound will appreciate this. Imagine a fine mix between Alcest and Negura Bunget and you’d be along the right lines.


Kadath is released through Temple Of Torturous and is available October 21st


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