REVIEW! Barque - Coffin Cutters

October 6, 2016

Without trying to offend anyone, when we think of France, we don’t really think of a place with tonnes of amazing music. Don’t get us wrong, there’s been some incredible stuff come out of the country when it comes to metal. Black Metal in particular has had its fair share of gems such as Deathspell Omega, Alcest, Vlad Tepes to name a few. Lest not forget the metal giants that are Gojira too, but overall its not the first place you look.


Enter Barque. Its refreshing to hear something new that impresses us. Metal is a funny genre at the moment. Its has a fair share of bands doing a lot of the same stuff, its uninspiring. This is why when someone pointed us in the direction of Barques debut EP Coffin Cutters, we were pleasantly surprised.


Actually, we were elated.


Barque waste no time at all getting into things with the opening track ‘Path Of The Hierophant’ which I relentless from start to finish punching its way through your speakers without a moments rest. It’s a promising start as I sit there 2 minutes into the song finding myself unable to stop nodding my head in approval. There are some incredibly evil sounding riffs in this first track and that is undeniable.


As this this track finishes on some noisy guitar feedback, the hardcore vibes kick in with the galloping drum beat of ‘Betrayed Monarch’ feeding right into a very Oathbreaker feel. Of course this is what struck us about this release. This new wave of dark and noisy hardcore that seems to be popping up, Barque are doing it well for a relatively small band. There are moments here where the music stops and its just drums with screaming vocals right before some incredibly heavy riffs kick right back in. 1.50 seconds into the song, one of the best riffs on the EP kicks in. Go and listen to it, you’ll know what we are talking about.


There is a band out there called The Greenery. You may or may not have heard of them. They are awesome and we are reminded of this band when we hear ‘Mountain Snakes’. This is a good thing. It’s the crustiest and most hardcore sounding track on the EP and we dig it. Once more, heads are nodding to the beat of the drums. Its dark, its gritty at times and it works wonderfully.


'Absalom' is a beautiful mess of blast beats, screams and thrashing guitars that sound as if they are being chucked around, possibly in a meat grinder. Whatever, it sounds killer as one of the fastest and brutal tracks on the EP gives us just over a minute of sheer terror right before the beginning of the end.


Closing this release is the song entitled ‘Torments’.  And quite frankly we couldn’t think of a better title for it. It kicks things off with and eerie riff that could easily be Slayer inspired. It doesn’t last long though because blast beats and the sound of those tormented vocals kick right back in. It’s the sound of someone who has something to scream about. Its damn right pissed off sounding and whilst the track ends at the 3 minute mark, closing Coffin Cutters is a mashup of some evil feedback sounds that fade into a deep rumble that could be the sound of hell for all we know.


We get sent a whole bunch of music and most of the time, some of it fails to stand out from the crowd so you can imagine our surprise when we heard this and liked it enough to want to write about it. In conclusion, you should all go buy this EP. Its got it all. The only complaint we have right now is that we are eager to hear more!


Coffin Cutters is available right now through Bandcamp. Click Here

The bands facebook page can be found here





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