REVIEW! Red Fang – Only Ghosts

October 3, 2016


Red Fang are nothing short of awesome, the perfect accompaniment to drinking, and I don’t mean the odd beer, this is stoner music for the true iron clad drinkers, and music made for a night of good times.


‘Flies’ opens the tin of worms, instantly the sound quality is sharper, clearer and a huge improvement over their last release. These boys are back and brought their A-game to the table! A perfect album opener, and a perfect necking your beer track. ‘Cut It Short’ makes for more of a short swigging song as opposed to the opener, the lighter touch makes a much gentler introduction to those that are new to Red Fang, still catchy as hell though.


The dusty, desert sounding interlude of ‘Flames’ leads superbly into the suffocating heaviness of ‘No Air’, quickly this is chased up with ‘Shadows’ to get that drinking back on track, and just like all other releases, it comes with a highly entertaining video. ‘Not For You’ gets the closest to commercially sounding on the album, but it has some great little hooks to save it, the chorus does get nailed into your head and could easily be all you remember through the next days hangover.


‘The Smell Of Sound’ brings a mean, dirty bass your way before some epicness comes at you, a real contender with ‘No Air’ for the stand out track of the album! ‘The Deep’ is something special too, this could easily cross into other styles of music with how it’s written, I keep expecting something seriously heavy to come out at you, and although it comes close, it sticks to its game.


Album closers ‘I Am A Ghost’ and ‘Living in Lye’ bring some serious rock your way, if for whatever reason you have beer left after the first songs, this two a the ones to sink them to.


It’s a damn awesome album, but at the same time, I feel conflicted. Maybe I expected a little more, or maybe the improvement on the recording/production has actually taken some of that charm away, but it is something I’ll be drinking and banging my head along to for a long time coming...Maybe I am the problem, maybe I am just not drunk enough to enjoy this at it’s finest...I’ll have to work on that!


Only Ghosts is released through Relapse Records and available in stores on Ocotober 14th.






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