LIVE REVIEW! Red Fang, Torche & God Damn - Koko, London

I don’t think we will ever get over the fact that in London, it simply does not matter what day of the week it is. There is never a bad day for a gig and a Tuesday night as the autumn months roll in is no different. The Koko London plays host to a whopper of a tour that is rolling through the city that includes both Red Fang & Torche in what is the second date of the run.


It is clear that it takes a little longer for the venue to fill as those finishing up their daily work duties make

their way to the Koko a God Damn hit the stage and God damn are these guys some noisy fun and whilst things may begin a little sparsely in terms of crowd size, it doesn’t take long for the trio from Wolverhampton to be playing in front of a good chunk of folks who are ready for some pure balls to the wall rock and roll. Vocalist Thom Edwards does well to scream his guts out over the bands harsh sound that fills the Koko nicely only stopping to tell the fans how much fun they are having.  They may not have had the full attention of everyone in attendance at that point but they had everyone eating out of the palm of their hand by the time they were done, that’s for sure!


It does feel like things start a little awkwardly for Torche who, one minute are sound checking and the next starting their performance. Add that to the fact that the lights hadn’t changed, it took a while to realize when that sound check ended and where the performance began.  That being said, the band live up to their name with a performance that builds upon the momentum created by the openers of the show. We couldn’t think of any band better to take up such a slot on this tour and some fan favorites do well to get the crowd moving and keep them in gear for the remainder of the show.  


Red Fang arrive on stage to a huge ovation. Whilst there has been some quality music performed already this evening its clear who the fans are really here to see. The momentum is lost just slightly however as soon as the first note is played only to encounter some guitar technical difficulties. We will ignore this however as quite frankly its irrelevant when you consider what came next. Donning some mighty fine moustaches and each member giving and receiving a gentlemanly handshake from each other, ‘Wires’ finally kicks in and gets the Tuesday night party started with the place exploding into a giant warm ball of energy. Between songs the band stop for a moment to inform the London crowd that they have never really been that good at talking in between songs, so they’re not going to bother. The beauty of it is that they really don’t need to either. It’s a performance where the music does the talking and every single person within the Koko at that point are absolutely listening intently. A great show to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new season.


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