REVIEW! King Dude - Sex

September 22, 2016

TJ Cowgill is back once more under the moniker of King Dude which see’s a brand new album ‘Sex’ hit the shelf on 28th October. And if you just so happen to be sitting there excited for this album to drop, let us tell you, its worth the wait.  Following his tradition of song writing by divination from his good Lord Lucifer, King Dude challenges the listener to explore the theme of sexuality through nothing other than spiritual rock n' roll. Its something that sounds like its come straight from the depths of hell. If ever there were a soundtrack to the dark and macabre side of the world, this would be it. In true form, its gritty, its sleazy, its King Dude!


The album consists of 11 tracks and with the first track kicking things off with the words “who wants to live and die tonight” on the track ‘Holy Christos’ as an almost punk rock bassline plays alongside sounds you’d expect to hear in a church. It really a case of starting as you mean to go on as things move ahead with Who ‘Taught you How To Love’ although don’t let the title fool you, this is far from a romantic love song, in fact, its damn right creepy with its almost 80s gothic sound.


'I wanna die at 69' is probably the sleaziest sounding song from the album which which almost sounds drunk as its bounces along right into ‘Our Love Will Carry On’ Which is another deceptive title for a song that almost feels like a sequel to ‘Be Free’, a song we are all probably familiar with as King Dude & Chelsea Wolf fans.  Things are quickly turned up a notch with the fast and crusty punk rock sound of ‘Sex Dungeon USA’ which lasts slightly shy of two minutes, but breaks up the album nicely.


If Satan was a wrestler, ‘Conflict & Climax’ would be his entrance music as the short instrumental sounds as evil and twisted as it comes. ‘The Leather One’ does well to spark the imagination with the sounds of chains as the lyrics “I’m the devils son” are sung in what is another slow and sleazy song. Good old fashioned rock and roll makes its return for the second time on the album as ‘Swedish Boys Drum’ draws us closer to the end in what could almost be an homage to ‘The Who’, Its definitely one of the tracks that doesn’t reek of doom and gloom which ends up being a consistent feel through to the tracks ‘Prisoners’ and ‘The Girls’ which maintain a faster tempo to the first half of the album.


‘Shine Your Light’ is the closing track of the album and its one that ends things as they started as we return to the dark and depressive feel of the earlier tracks. It’s a beautiful thing that King Dude fans will be happy with.  Taking into the consideration the track title, its sounds like anything but a light shining. It’s the darkness to the bitter end and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Overall, a great album. Don’t expect anything crazy new and different to. This is King Dude in its tried and tested formula that works perfectly. Existing fans will be happy


King Dude plans to tour throughout the rest of 2016 in the United States and Canada, playing select dates from October to December. Then he has planned another headlining tour across Europe in April of 2017, be sure to check back for more details surrounding this tour.






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